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Z-men (II)

People wonder how I make everything about me, so that when I’m served a cappuccino with the chocolate “N” stencil turned round to be a “Z” that I think it’s a sign to write about the letter “Z” and the runes.

It’s a basic magical principle: you take responsibility for everything in the world and know that everything is connected.

It’s not the same as egotism—what most people think is humility is subtle egotism and irresponsibility, so they assume that nothing in the world has anything to do with them.

I also don’t recognise linear time, so if I post an article and then I see a post on X that refers to the content of that article then it’s about my article—even if it was published before my article.

That’s not how time works!

Well, you assume linear time—how do you know time is linear, or that there isn’t a non-linear level?

The fact is that you have been trained from birth not to think this way—it started with the first children’s programs you watched, then it moved into school, to university, and to your job (your parents and church taught you to think that way as well).

It’s second-nature to you to look at that “Z” and say to yourself, “I make no assumptions about this event that cannot be supported by cause-and-effect evidence, the universe does not exist for my benefit—it is composed from cold, indifferent matter.”

So you automatically dismiss all signs and signals as “woo-woo nonsense”—even very conservative people are like that.

Because you’ve been effectively brainwashed not to think in a religious way from birth.

And you think you’re above “some primitive tribe that thinks other tribes curse them through magic because everything is connected and little models of a man with pins in it will kill a man.”

The conservative rationalistic men are worse than the left—because they think that to be masculine is to think in a rationalistic and scientific way.

So they think the West is superior to Islam because Muslims still think this way a bit—possession by djinns etc.

However, as documented, if you think in this way, then you will see the other realm—so irrationalism works, or perhaps we could say that “intuition works”.

The only way most people can access this realm is by drugs—that’s why they like DMT, LSD, and magic mushrooms.

These “blow your top off”, just blow away or disable the rational part of the mind that engages in analysis and dissection—instead, you just make connections and see everything as connected.

The problem is that people who take drugs then don’t know if what they see on drugs is real or not (“DMT aliens”)—and so they can always dismiss it as “drug hallucinations”.

And, further, unlike with meditation, they can’t hold that state without drugs—so it’s only a short holiday for them.

I’ve never taken drugs, except I once had a draw from a cannabis cigarette someone offered me at a party—it made me feel very ill.

Anyway, you enter the magical state primarily through assuming responsibility for everything around you and through thinking that everything is connected—and by dismissing linear time.

If you do that, magical events will begin to happen to you—and entities will manifest.

However, you will have also thrown out all Western thought for the last 500 years—everything that creates modern technology and so on.

You will even throw out Christianity, because Christianity, partly due to the influence of Aristotle, is very rationalistic too—it hates “superstition” and so eventually managed to eat itself, analysing its own irrationalism to death.

In fact, there are very few “players” in this game—in the mid-1970s, for example, there were only about 25 or 27 “real people” in Alaska.

By that I mean awakened people, not just quasi-robots or robot holograms—which is what most people are.

Actually, even I have multiple doubles across the world—including one in Lebanon, whom the IDF killed last year (although they apologised when they realised what they’d done).


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