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Words and the will

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Words: there is no doubt that words are very important—and names even more so. Take an American political organisation called “Patriot Front”; they appear to be a slick organisation, slick branding and slick organisation—a self-conscious neo-fascist group. However, they are unlikely to succeed. Why? They want it too much. The clue is in their name: the name is too earnest, too keen—and this is a problem.

Personal example: at primary school I was a bad student; then, one day, I found I liked a funny history book—so I put a lot of effort into a history essay; suddenly, I received “A” grades and became “good at history”—gradually I saw myself as “a history guy”; then, during my school-leaving exams at secondary school, my grades went from A to C. This is what Christians call “pride” and the Greeks called “hubris”—in magical terms my self-consciousness distorted my will, I started to put “clever” interpretations into the essays; when it was done from fun I succeeded, when it became “serious” I fell back.

Magic is a technique to step out of your own way. If your will is contaminated by desire, you will not achieve your goal—desireless desire begets serendipity. The principle is the same as stepping stones across a river; if you just jump from stone to stone without thought you cross dryly to the far side—if you stop a quarter of the way over and think, “Better be careful, I can feel my balance going; perhaps this stone, perhaps that one,” you are likely to get your feet wet. You must not be a calculator, you must be in the moment.

This error is common in politics because politics stirs passions in men—actually unwholesome passions for dominance and control; and so—as with sex, also connected to dominance and control—people frequently sabotage themselves because they desperately want “the ethnostate”, “the emirate”, or “communism”. Desperation is not desirable in love, in sales, or in politics—the desperate man does not get the job. The error is general, there are countless Muslim groups with corny names like “Brothers United in Struggle Against the Jews and Crusaders.” “Oh yeah, you want BUSAJC, is it? That’s me uncle Abdul. He’s oop in a room on Blackburn Street in Bradford, just above me dad’s off-licence. That’s the world headquarters of the jihad, innit?”.

The effective Muslim organisation was called “the base”—al-Qaeda; nothing to do with Islam or jihad at all. The same goes for the Russian Communists, they were called “Bolsheviks” (“the majority”)—nothing to do with Marxism; and the later self-conscious Communist parties rarely succeeded. Do you see how it works yet?

In magical operations, desire is encoded into a sigil—an image constructed from the words that express the desire; the desire is transmuted, locked away, and so the will operates freely without conscious interference. If you are a materialist, this works because it clears away the conscious mind and lets you skip on all those stepping stones without distraction—unselfconsciously. This is what “al-Qaeda” achieved; and the Proud Boys, America’s genuine brownshirts, did it too—they could have earnestly called themselves “Trump’s Men” or “MAGA Men”; instead, they chose a jokey and ironic play on normative progressive gayness—consequently, they are much more rambunctious and vital than other “purer” organisations; and this is because they folded their desire away, albeit with too much irony.

Also: consider your true will—for example, the academics who critique “white supremacy” create European racial consciousness more effectively than Patriot Front; and this is their repressed desire—the most bloodthirsty “racists” read The Guardian and create racial tension with their resistance to conservative individualism; beneath the “woke” façade lies the most ferocious racial particularism you could imagine—more savage than that found in many self-described “racists”. Similarly, many “white nationalists” secretly hate Europeans. This is why the darkness must be integrated before you activate your will—most people have no idea who they are or what they really want; and that is one reason why they are so confused when they get what they really wanted all along—though not with their conscious mind, so it seems like a defeat.

Broadly: encode your will into a name that is apolitical—call your organisation Reverb or Nightshade and make it a hiking club or nightclub; you will be surprised how far it will go. This cannot be done consciously; for example, in Italy the post-fascists have created a movement called “CasaPound”—a kind of social space of the type that Europeans like to use for political purposes, with gyms and film clubs; it is a metapolitical movement, as they say—aimed to change the cultural context to make radical right politics possible in the formal political arena. It is a relatively popular movement, but it will ultimately go nowhere. It is slick, but it is self-conscious—they want it too badly, and they base themselves on what has gone long ago: Mussolini and Ezra Pound; it is too self-conscious—contaminated and impure. You must purify your will if you are to succeed in any field; and the way to do so with names is to encode your will into what must at first be meaningless. So, my children, off you go—thy will be done.


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