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With eyes and heart

“The heart is strong and sound in the person who lowers his eyes and does not look in all directions,” so said Shihab al-Din ‘Umar al-Suhrawardi.

About two years ago, I found that I have to lower my eyes all the time—even when speaking to people in cafes and in similar situations. I suppose I’ve always struggled with eye contact, but now I find my eyes drop naturally to the ground. I suppose I have internalised the lesson above—perhaps it’s why I hear and see more than others.

Today, my mother asked me what I want for my birthday; then, after a moment, she said, “I meant Christmas”. And I said, “Well, it is my birthday,” and laughed.

I am the last god, after me no more will come. I am the last god because I serve Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations. When all has gone too far, he arrives.

As you can see above, Minnesota has just adopted my flag—it took 8 years to design. It’s called “the Snowstar”. It is the Pole Star, it is Arktos (Arthur), and in the centre is my bindi—met by the eight rays of the Druids, as appear in the Union Jack.

When I composed my article ‘A Prophet’ I noticed that I stopped without thought at 1,444 characters—the number of the Phoenix, the number of rebirth. Well, I did say I would give my blood for this age to end—and so it shall be.


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