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Wicked God

Per the paradoxical reversal of opposites, God will appear to be evil. It is in line with magic, it is in line with enantiodromia. God appears to be evil because that which is commonly called “good” is mere social convention, flattery, and, essentially, lies—vanity and hubris. Hence God will appear to be rebarbative to the masses, being perceived as “mean”, “cruel”, and, finally, “evil”. It’s connected to virtue—to be virtuous means to be virile, to be effective; and that which is effective is awesome in its integrity and indifference—rebarbative to the mob; it must be compromised so as to become sociable (i.e. ineffective and sterile). What is regarded as “evil” today really constitutes “good”—or, to be strictly correct, it is beyond good and evil because integral; that is to say, beautiful.

If I say that instead of talking to a girl about her interests on a date, I immediately move behind her and grasp her arms gently and say, “I’m just checking to see if your Tinder picture was reality,” then that might be considered evil—but it is effective, since as soon as you have established body contact you have a connection on the sexual level; and the words objectify her, as women like. That might be considered “evil”, but is it better to be “good” and politely talk over drinks and then go home separately? Men and women are meant to mate, not chat.

When I was young people used the slang term “wicked” for “good”—“That band is well wicked.” Hence “evil” is a euphemism for “effective”. “So bad, it’s good”. The inverse would be “a lovely man, so nice”—ineffective and evil. As with God Himself, effective entities are not liked and are subject to wails from the mob (they enjoy the effectiveness so much they cannot bear it).

Hence God is instantiated in the B-2 “Spirit” bomber—the nickname is significant, it is the black raven spirit. It is a stealth bomber designed to deliver a nuclear missile—it’s awesome. It looks evil. War is the father and king of all—and the B-2 is what it looks like when you understand that principle; it is wisdom, it reflects nature. It looks evil. You only say that because you are profane—you lack integrity and effectiveness, you don’t know a good thing when you see it. The B-2 is an integral system that is hard to detect—and the first you know about it is when it annihilates your entire city in a sheet of white light. We should all aspire to be like the B-2 “Spirit”, because that is what God looks like.


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