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West Point and Mithras

Imagine that there was some new “woke” decision that said that the dress uniforms West Point graduates wear could be offered to anyone—all you have to do is go to a “West Point graduation ceremony”, march in a square past a podium, and you can call yourself a “West Point graduate” and wear the uniform.

Imagine, further, that these ceremonies were “nothing to do with war” and were actually about climate change and world peace.

You’d probably find hundreds of thousands of people would do that, maybe millions—all that sweet status at a relatively low cost, lower than going to college even.

And it would also really demoralise people who actually graduated from this elite institution—probably impair the American military’s ability to fight.

Well, that is roughly what happened to the Roman Empire when Christianity arrived. As noted, the Mass is based on the Mithraic mysteries—these were a secret elite initiation mainly for legionaries (Mithras was the god of the legions). They drank the blood of the cosmic bull and ate the body of Mithras.

Christianity took these secret mysteries and made them public, for everyone—for the plebs. They also made them about “the prince of peace” and not war—so the whole thing was inverted.

As people have noted for ages, Gibbon in particular, Christianity collapsed the fighting spirit and unity of the Roman legions. That wasn’t just because it preached “peace on earth and goodwill to all men” and that “the end is near, Christ is coming soon” (i.e. there’s no point defending the borders, give up). No, it was because it “inverted West Point”—it’s no wonder the legions found it hard to fight after their core institution had been inverted and opened to the public.

So it was a concrete act, not just abstract preaching.

You can’t just attribute the fall of Rome to the inversion of the rites of Mithras and the subversion of the legions, to Christianity—the ultimate reason was luxury (decadence) and departure from reality. But it was a significant factor—and it’s why Christianity is AntiChrist, because it was based on inversion (= Satanism) from the start.


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