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Well, what a load of manipulative bollocks—I haven’t seen such a shameless display since my ex turned on the waterworks at will to make me feel bad for being *mean* to her, I suppose Christians and women have always been able to turn the waterworks on *at will*.

He’s a leftist, btw. There are two reasons we can tell this is so: firstly, he talks about “soccer moms and dad”—er, “soccer moms” are a thing I believe, but surely American dads like “football”. So he’s a feminist—he made sure to use inclusive language (“Well, I don’t see why you can’t be a ‘soccer dad’, just as much as a ‘soccer mom’”…fast-forward from a mid-2000s “soccer mom and pop” and why not just admit that a man can have a baby?).

Second point, he says that “the universities” and “schools” will “get” your children—“the mouth of hell”. That’s incorrect. It’s the media that gets your children—gets all children. I suppose there’s an element of “cope” in this idea it’s “the universities”—not everyone goes to university, so perhaps lots of people will escape. Also, if you ignore the media you don’t have to deal with the vexed issue of Jewish influence on the media **phew**, wipes forehead.

But it is the media that gets people—as I’ve observed before, I knew people from conservative backgrounds and conservative schools who went “LGBT” before they went to university (because they pick it up in the media—after all, nobody listens to what teachers and lecturers say; but they listen to musicians and Netflix).


This clip is a very ugly display that generates and deserves contempt. This man is on the lookout to be covered in tar and set on fire—except, as he realises, that isn’t going to happen in modern America. He doesn’t face the Roman Empire, he doesn’t face neo-pagans (as he supposes), he faces post-Christians—people who have taken the approach he advocates here, a manipulative womanly act (“don’t, don’t hit me…” “I wasn’t going to hit you, you stupid cunt” “Pray for him, brothers, pray that the Lord cleanses his tongue…”), and taken it to its logical conclusion.

“Watery” is the word I’d use to describe this act—and it is very much an act, not what he really thinks or feels (just as a woman can turn the waterworks on and off at will). Can it be any coincidence that this watery preacher is called “Paul Washer”? After all, he’s all wet—preachers used to be “Soapy Joe” on their upturned soap box, but these days they’re just all wet (no suds). “But, brother…have you considered the true message of Christ,” he says, as he reaches across the formica table top, studded with acerbic fruit cordials (too dilute), to hold your hand, tears already forming in his eyes, “Lord, pray for our brother in his hour of need…that Cra-Zee-Wheels car dealership will not be repossessed…”

So watery wet is Mr. Washer that he actually needs another man to put a supportive hand behind him—almost because he is so enfeebled, like some old granny, so afraid (eager) to take a beating from a stout centurion, that he is about to fall over. But, really, it’s not a literal prop up—it’s like when a priest holds your hand at a funeral and you look into his eyes (so emotional, like high water tension). Washer’s associate is pumping watery spiritual energy into Mr. Wet—it’s the suppressed sexual energy, so worked out in a quasi-hysterical display (like a bunch of old women and/or spinsters). Just like the powerful priest’s hand on the choirboy’s shoulder before….

It’s a walking, talking example of slave morality—it’s Extinction Rebellion v 1.0 (and the Christians can’t beat v 2.0—slave morality is scientific these days). “Martyr me! Martyr me! Martyr me!”. But there’s no one to martyr him anymore—they’ll kill him with kindness. “They’ll call us bigots”. Brother, you are a bigot—where is your kindness for our trans brothers and sisters, where is the warm and open embrace? Dare you turn the other cheek? Christ’s message has been taken further—taken to its logical conclusion, but not by this man (ironically, the subtitles tell an unintentional truth—he says Christians are “tolerant”, the subtitles mistakenly say “intolerant”; and that’s the truth—the Christians never tolerated anyone, and now their children, the woke, don’t tolerate them. Poetic justice).

Beat me! Beat me! Beat me! Get with the program—get a yellow bib and sit in the middle of the road. Nobody is “coming for the Christians”—and Mike Pence waved his Bible about the White House with alacrity (so much for the persecuted Bible), but then he stabbed a real man, Trump, in the back with alacrity too. You know, the only man I’ve ever met who I would consider to be genuinely evil—by which I mean “engaged in self-conscious and intentional destructive activity”—was a Christian and a regular church-goer and a pillar of the church (in the choir). You know, it’s almost like Christians are Satanists…

I find it rather interests me that he mentions that Christians will be called “child molesters”—well, you know, have you noticed that the Catholic Church has a particular problem with that, has done for centuries? Of course, if you point it out you’re met with hysteria and the stake—ah “Christian love”, at it again.

Of course, he’s not a Catholic (not that they don’t all have a “child” problem); no, he’s like that irritating “Charismatic” teen preacher from There Will Be Blood who gets a well-deserved clubbing with bowling ball pin at the end—clubbed to death. He’s some “evangelical”, as they say; and he’s altogether the biggest sad-sack, passive-aggressive pain in the arse I’ve ever seen. Who would put up with this sulky, manipulative miserable bastard for more than five minutes?

Bottom line: all the things he complains about are the logical outcome of the Christian ethic, especially once it becomes secular. It’s a foreign intrusion into Europe, it’s an extended phenotype, it’s a spiritual bioweapon to kill us—it’s Semitic black magic. This guy is already a feminist, he’s already complicit in all the things he claims to be against—and, worse, he’s a miserable manipulative bastard into the bargain.

What a load of bollocks.

Yours as ever,



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Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
Aug 11, 2023

ive never understood why tolerance is so venerated by everyone. its for weird masochist

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