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Veiled pope

The ex-pope has not “enjoyed” his walk—the ex-pope is a mummy; he is practically embalmed and does not look too far off Lenin in his final post-stroke days (Benedict’s days are numbered too). The ex-pope has probably not enjoyed anything for a long time—possibly he would like to die but knows it is forbidden to him to desire to do so.

What we see here is an attack on religion; it’s an attack by the Catholic News Agency—an organisation that may or may not be staffed by religious people (journalists cover up everything by default). What we see here is the normal way people live in the West: moralism > being. It is very important to say the ex-pope “enjoyed” his walk because that is a “nice” and “moral” thing to say. It is impermissible, possibly immoral, to see—to observe that he looks awful and is practically a corpse. Catholics are very good moralists and they produce miserable little moralists the world over. Moralism kills religion—to be religious is to see, the angels are “the watchers”.

To see is what Heidegger means by aletheia (truth); it’s not truth as correspondence to reality, it’s truth as unveiling. The veil here is that the ex-pope “enjoys” anything—take off the veil. To remove the veil has the same meaning as “apocalypse”—to rend the veil is an apocalypse, we destroy the old world of moralism and see. It’s what the poet Rumi meant by the expression: “Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there.” It’s the field of being—the field of sight.

This is the Indo-Aryan way, Rumi and Heidegger being from that racial group. There is morality, but morality should serve being—in feminine and Semitic-influenced religions like Christianity there’s just morals, the morals conceal reality (you can see that in secular Christianity, otherwise known as “the left”). We’ve got to exit moralism and reclaim being—reclaim sight; morality must serve sight.


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