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Upside down

Hegel said that history works towards the Absolute—for Hegel, religion is how philosophy is clothed for the masses (and there’s some truth to that), so, for the masses, you would say “everything in history works towards God”. Marx said that he had “turned Hegel on his head” and that this amounted to “turning him the right way up”: so Marx takes the story of the spirit’s development through history and turns it into a material progression through history—it’s not about progress towards the Godhead anymore, it’s a progress towards a material paradise on earth.

This is how all Jews think. So every time you read a Jew or encounter something produced by a Jew, just turn it upside down and you have the truth (because their instinct is to invert, to turn it upside down). So if a Jew says, “Jesus died for your sins,” he means, “Jesus died for the sins of the Jews”; if Marx says, “history is a progressive development towards an earthly utopia”, he means, “history is a progressive development towards the Godhead”; if a Jew says, “White supremacy is a threat to the planet,” he means, “Jewish supremacy is a threat to the planet.” Also, physics isn’t relative—it’s absolute (you only think Einstein is important because the Jewish media promoted him extensively).

It’s that reliable—it’s why Brothers Grimm always say that you shouldn’t trust the Jews because they lie; it’s peasant folk wisdom—tested by the generations. So every time you see an article or a scholarly work or an artistic work made by a Jew, just turn it round and you’ll find the truth—because the Jews can’t originate; they’re like women, they can only copy and invert. It’s typical that a European will produce a work with spiritual value and then the Jews will claim it’s all materialist—so Freud, for example, took Schopenhauer, “it’s all about the Will,” and turned it into, “it’s all about sex” (no, it’s all about spirit).

It’s that simple—for example, in a Hollywood film, just read all the female characters as male and all the male characters as female and you have the correct situation.

It turns out that when it’s upside down it’s the right way up.

Yours sincerely,

Till Eulenspiegel


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