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Transgenderism versus my dog

I noted that the transgender craze is in fact a move to invert priesthood and initiation, since both are synonymous with the spiritual hermaphrodite and transgenderism creates instead literal biological hermaphrodites. This aspect to priesthood and initiation is revealed in the way doctors in a war play an intermediate role and are respected by both sides (are bound to help any injured person); the doctor instantiates both male (takes life) and female (gives life) in one person—hence he exists in a shamanic intermediate space between parties in contention; and, indeed, shamans were always healers—the medical symbol recalls the mercurial staff of Hermes (the hermaphrodite).

However, it is much worse than I previously thought. It is not just that transgenderism inverts priesthood and initiation—it inverts the image of God Himself. As the above quote from Guénon reveals, what is wrong with transgenderism is not so much that God created men and women in a particular form that must be preserved—rather God Himself is the hermaphroditic duality, as represented by the Yin-Yang symbol. This idea is also referenced in Plato, with the original state of man being hermaphroditic—hence the saying “we seek our other half”, a reference to the missing corresponding sex (except this is a spiritual separation, not a literal biological one).

The upshot is that transgenderism is quintessential Satanism, about as Satanic as you can be—it is an attempt to pervert the very image of God, to become God. It is no surprise that it is tied up with highly technological societies and Silicon Valley—it is the natural outcome from this approach to life. Given that the United States has fostered and developed this notion—given it constitutes official American doctrine—we can conclude that the United States, as many Muslims have observed, is herself Satanic. We have reached complete inversion.

Further, it is an opinion held by some Hindu astrologers that the year 2025 marks the end of the kali-yuga—the beginning of a 250-300-year period constituted by major disruption before the next Golden Age begins. I do not want to “predict the apocalypse”—astrology is largely a lost art and these reckonings could be out by anything up to 25,745 years; and, even if it were the end of the kali-yuga, there is quite a long transition period; so no need to upend your life. However, the increase in UFO activity post-1945—the UFOs being the gods—and their rise to prominence even in official discourse over recent years perhaps gives credence to the idea that the return of the gods is underway, although it may take much longer than “dramatic” apocalyptic depictions would suggest.


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