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“Traditional Catholics”

This is Eric Gill—he made the London Underground fonts and he also made a big statue at BBC Broadcasting House.

He also fucked his dog and his daughter.

He was a “traditional Catholic”—very into GK Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc.

He was also a typical Catholic—because he represents the general trend in Catholicism.

I sat next to two old women the other day, and one was very chatty and very vain—and she talked about her relationship with the priests at the local Oratory.

And she said, “They say they’re all homosexuals, but I can’t believe that—not Father Gregory.”

Her friend demurred and suggested that maybe they are, since they can’t marry.

The woman then insisted that Catholic priests can marry—she was deluded about the whole thing.

A huge number of Catholic priests are homosexuals—everyone knows that, and it’s always been like that.

It’s because it’s a safe place to go if you’re ashamed of your sexuality—so it attracts homosexuals and child-rapists (mostly they are chaste, but it’s that erotic frisson of the forbidden fruit, they get off on it, like hypocrites; and often they break down and indulge themselves).

In the 1930s, the SS broke up a child rape ring in a Belgian monastery—but it was hushed up by Hitler so as not to antagonise the Church.

An instance is a pattern—it has always been like this, the Church has been full of child rape from the start (if it happened in the 1930s, it happened from the start).

It was just difficult to point out—because the Church controlled everything, and if you did point it out they said you were going to hell, or they had you tortured by the Inquisition.

And they always leaned on gullible narcissistic women who love “Father Gregory”—he’d marry them “if only he could”.

The Church is also hypocritical and built on lies—it’s the religion of a humble Jewish carpenter that owns umpteen palaces and numerous delightful red gowns.

Plus—the Vatican Bank.

St. Augustine, a key founder of the Church, endorsed lies to advance the faith—Satan is the father of lies, ergo the Catholic Church is Satanic.

I’m not baptised and I went to a number of schools—a Steiner kindergarten, a Church of England cathedral school, and a Catholic school founded by Newman to create a new “English Catholic elite” to re-Catholicise the country.

So I never received the full Catholic brainwash—they have to get you before seven for that.

But what I did get there was to be sodomised with a broomstick—i.e. “Catholic sex education”.

That’s normal in Catholicism—because they worship the most bloody and tortured Jesus possible, and you turn into what you worship.

These people are hypocrites.

In “social studies” classes they would skip the page on contraception but then say “but lads, if you have sex, remember to use a condom.”

Then they would sneer at divorcees and lecture us against abortion—they don’t even really believe it themselves, they’re ranks hypocrites who get off on torture and shame.

Because they are in league with the AntiChrist.

Best school I went to was the Steiner school—but my parents took me out because Steiner schools don’t believe in making you do exams and taking qualifications (i.e. don’t believe in Jesuit lies or the vanity and hypocrisy of mainstream society).

Best educated and most well-rounded people I ever met were fully Steiner educated—and they had never sat a single exam, though at 17 they knew more than most final year university students.

Also, I was taught “Inquisition revisionism”—how “the Inquisition wasn’t that bad, it was exaggerated by the Protestants”.

Because the Church wants to bring the Inquisition back—it’s just biding its time.

Then if you point out that the priests are sodomites who fuck children they can have your nails pulled out.

Well, I guess you’d be crucified like Jesus, anyway.

It has always been this way really—Jesus came for the Jews, they foisted him off on everyone else, hence all Churches serve the AntiChrist.

But the sun also rises.


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