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To live without security

People are afraid my words may vanish. This is only a website, after all—websites go down. They say “the Internet is forever”, but more files have been lost than can ever be found.

But if you are afraid my words will be lost, you are still clinging—and you have not understood my words.

Perhaps it would be better if my words were fragmented—like those of Heraclitus—so that there are ellipses and gaps that must be completed.

Then scholars and students can ponder the gaps.

Yes, perhaps it would be better like that—perhaps it would be better if, after the crash, you do not have the full story.

Perhaps it would be better if I left you a mystery.

Besides, even if my words do not vanish, one day I will vanish—and then where will you be?

There will no more words, no more source.

But if you think like that, you have not understood my words.

Because my words are only signs

Which point to that which never dies.


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