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Third eye blind (II)

The Muslims say that at the end of time the Dajjal will come, the one-eyed AntiChrist. He will be a false Messiah, a liar, and he will be followed by the children of fornication but, above all, he will be followed and revered by the Jews. He will perform pseudo-miracles and bring abundance to a famished land, but it will all be accomplished by lies and inversion.

I noted in the previous article in this series that the “one-eye symbol”, which I sometimes call “the evil eye”, represents a common symbol that goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. It is not sinister in itself, as some naïve fundamentalist Christians think when they point to the “evil eye” that tops the pyramid on American dollars.

It is connected to the third eye, to the mystery of the heart, and it has always cropped up in Christian symbolism (symbolism around the world long before Christianity). However, it has been corrupted by the Freemasons—the reason it appears everywhere is that they are trying to create “mass gnosis”; they want everyone to have gnosis rather than an elite. In addition, they exploit its magical spiritual power for material gain—that is why the “one-eye symbol” appears everywhere today. It is why the politicians above, many other notable people, are symbolically “blinded”.

Gnosis should be like the sun reflected on a still pond—it should be a perfect circle reflected on the still water, it should have total unity. The light should be gathered together into a single ball—that is the bindi in Hinduism. What the Freemasons have done in trying to “awaken the world” is as if the sun were reflected on the turbulent waters of a lake in a storm.

The divine light has been broken up into myriad shards and there is only confusion—through drugs or pop star symbolism people glimpse true gnosis but in the turbulent waters everything is confused and corrupted. So, in effect, nobody knows at all—since everyone is meant to know, so says the Dajjal.

Although some Muslims say the Dajjal is one man, others say he is a system—and I think that is correct. The system is Judeo-Masonry, the people who serve the “one-eyed god” and use science and technology to perform miracles—to create the AI anti-god, to achieve “immortality” in a computer. Their headquarters is America, “the Great Satan”, where the Masonic eye rules the pyramid on the nation’s currency.

These Muslims also liken the Dajjal to Western imperialism, guided by Judeo-Masonry, because the Dajjal never penetrates Mecca and Medina—just as Christian missionaries never penetrated Mecca and Medina. Also, it is clear that the West is run by Judeo-Masonry, by the Dajjal’s true servants—the Jews (he is also served by sundry magicians, like Crowley, and “weavers”—which we could take to be the contemporary fashion and entertainment industry, enchanters and “weavers” of clothes and distractions).

The Dajjal inverts heaven and hell—he tells people that heaven is hell and hell heaven; and this corresponds to the false heaven promised by technology and “the technological singularity” (an idea invented by a Jew who wanted to use a computer to resurrect his father). In a similar fashion, Crowley inverted primal elements in the initiation process.

Only those “with both eyes open” will not be deceived by the Dajjal—perhaps that corresponds to the two red electric balls I have in my eyes since Hartsfell. As Shaykh Dr. Abdal Hakim Murad says, “The visually-impaired will mistake the Dajjal, the one-eyed Antichrist, for Christ returned. But the believer, complex or simple, will be spared this ironic myopia*. Our two eyes represent our perception of inward and outward, and bless us with the gift of perspective. Esoterists will be lazy over the law, and will claim that all religions are in essence one.”

So it is today, we are told that “all religions are the same really”—even “dissidents” like David Icke say that. But there are many paths and one destination—and every path is different. It is a paradox, as with “If you want peace, prepare for war”—so that “all religions are one, but only because they are completely different”. The same can be said for races—all races are one, but only when we recognise that they are completely different. Hence today everything is inverted.

Further, it is said that the Dajjal will be slain in Lud—some say that means “Lod” in modern Israel, but others say it means London. For “London” derives in its etymology from the god “Lud”, so commemorated at “Ludgate”—it is said that St. Paul preached at Ludgate, it being the furtherest point West he reached; and it is said by the Muslims, just as Nietzsche also said, that St. Paul corrupted the message of Christ—so that churches today serve the Devil.

This is truth—and many suspect its significance but do not know it, such as the artist Iain Sinclair, who published a book called Lud Heat and often speaks of Lud, primordial god of London (Serrano knew this too).

Hence, in the 1920s, Muslims journeyed to London, prayed at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and laid the foundation stone for a mosque in London—for it will be at Ludgate that the false Messiah will be slain; or, rather, obliterated in a flash of white light.


This is truth, for as I updated this article a girl began to sing outside the cafe “…as I opened up my eyes...”

* I would not say “believer” but this is how he expresses it in an exoteric sermon for the public.


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