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Third eye blind

If you’ve spent time on the Internet—and I know you have—then you have probably come across an image like the one above, usually with a tag along the lines “the Illuminati exposed!”; perhaps you disregarded it or thought it was a mildly amusing joke—actually, it’s deadly serious (yes, here comes the full-bore schizophrenia). The symbol is, in fact, very ancient indeed—it’s the wedjat, the eye of Horus, from antique Egypt.

It is not, in itself, “Satanic” as people often say online—on the contrary, it appears in churches set in a triangle; it has been an integral symbol within Christianity since forever—it often includes the Tetragrammaton, the Hebrew “Yod” symbol, as well; and it is commonly set between a sun and a moon—indeed, that is its correct setting—and these two heavenly bodies stand for the left and the right eyes of Horus. The eye in the middle is the third eye, the diamond-lightning or vajra in Hindu terms.

So you see the common relation as regards religions and this symbol—the eye of the present, the eye between the past and the future. However, when this symbol is used in popular culture, especially in America, being derived from the Masons who founded that country, it is Satanic. The wedjat is also the heart (kalb in Arabic)—also represented by a vase and a cave (the former being related to the Grail) in symbolism. The person who “sees with the heart” sees in a spiritually pure way, they have achieved gnosis—the vision comes from within, from the activated chakras; it refers to a god-like state.

When celebrities throw this sign about in a casual way they are really claiming to be as God—to be worshipped as such, and they have stripped the symbol from its correct position between the sun and the moon. They are also engaged in an attempt at mass gnosis—all shall have gnosis, just by, for example, listening to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga’s music may do many things for you, but I submit that it is unlikely to open the sacred heart rooted in a point beyond space and time that perceives with concentrated purity. Put simply: the symbol is abused in order for people to self-aggrandise themselves and become rich and famous—in other words, it’s Satanic in the true sense, it’s an inversion.

The goal with gnosis should be to gather consciousness into a single concentrated point—not unlike my little white dot symbol—and the little white dot is the bindi. It should be like the sun reflected on a still river—just a perfectly concentrated white orb. What mass gnosis does is akin to a choppy river where the sunlight is broken up and fragmented into multiple light shards. The divine consciousness of the heart should be utterly concentrated—it is said that the vajra can turn an object or person to ashes. It is not diluted, it is not for the masses, it is not for your own benefit. It is not a symbol you wear externally, but a symbol to help you activate the inner vision.

So people who identify this trend—which is very real and found in adverts and all over the place if you are aware of it—as Satanic are correct, although sometimes the reasons they give are wrong; they’ll say “it’s occultic” or something like that, even though it’s in most mainstream religions.

It occurs a lot in America because the Freemasons, who founded the United States, use the all-seeing eye as a symbol (notably, on the dollar bill). They saw themselves as gods—no kings, no gods, no masters—when they rebelled against aristocracy and religion; and, as democrats, they sought “gnosis for the masses”—a process that eventually ended in Hollywood, the place where the counterfeit stars, not the true eternal stars, come from. Hence indeed it is truly the case that Americans—the world they control—are “third eye blind”.


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