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Theory of relativity (reject)

I don’t understand physics, so my point is not that Einstein was incorrect—because I couldn’t show his equations were incorrect if I wanted to, and, further, technological developments based on his assumptions seem to work (which indicates he was correct in certain respects).

I say in certain respects because science isn’t necessarily “true” or “false”, rather if you make certain assumptions certain predictions are confirmed, often with a statistical regularity. That is not to say other assumptions might not produce other results—other predictions and regularities.

In the late 19th century, all physical science pointed to the existence of an aether—however, there was no experimental evidence that the postulated aether existed. Einstein routed round this problem with his relativity theory, because if you assume time is relative then you no longer need to postulate an aether. When people investigated relativity theory, it was found to be experimentally confirmed (the Eddington experiment)—and so we continue down that channel.

Not everyone was impressed with relativity, Tesla wasn’t impressed. He said it was “…a beggar wrapped in purple whom ignorant people take for a king.” He continued to believe in the aether, which he thought transmitted electricity—and he maintained that he had measured cosmic rays from Arcturus at 50x the speed of light (per Einstein, nothing is faster than the speed of light).

Science isn’t really true or untrue—it can be confirmed by experiment or not. Just because the aether was never confirmed by experiment doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist—or something like it doesn’t exist. It’s just we can get by without it, so we do.

So Tesla’s ideas came to him in “fiery flashes” of light when he closed his eyes—just like the two “electrical” lights I have in my eyes since Hartsfell. Well, perhaps, for example, the aether relates to the astral realm in some respect—and has some relation to UFOs and other paranormal activity. That is speculative, but it is a possibility that should interest us.

Einstein’s importance is exaggerated for political reasons, because he was a Jewish refugee from Hitler’s Germany and a socialist. So he receives an exaggerated respect from the American media, it being dominated by the Jews—so causing us to take Einstein, with his tongue stuck out, as the paradigmatic genius*. But is he really “a beggar wrapped in purple…” as Tesla described his theory?

Of course, if you were unsympathetic, you could point out that Einstein sent a letter to FDR that demanded accelerated atom bomb development, so that he actuated the “holocaust” (literal) of Hiroshima—but which he presumably wanted to inflict on the Germans more. Well, that would change how we saw him—from scientific saint to monster. It depends how you look at it.

The theory of relativity pushes spirit into matter, pushes time into matter—and so, at the metaphysical level, accords with the way the Jewish race destroys the spiritual. It relativises physics just as Boasian anthropology relativises cultures—and just as the philo-Semite Nietzsche relativised morals.

What if the theory of relativity is just the expression of the racial outlook of the Jews, which is materialistic, relativistic, and atheistic? What if Tesla, with his qualitative grasp of number, as in his quasi-Pythagorean use of the numbers (3, 6, 9), was right? These qualitative numbers are significant—after all, why do you think the SpaceX Starship has 33 engines? It is a powerful esoteric number (as it happens the number 33 is associated with my birthdate).

(Aside, Tesla was not Serbian—he was not a Slav. It’s just Serbian nationalists have claimed him as such, and that’s why when I visited his spherical orb urn many years ago when I was a student it was in Belgrade. Tesla was actually a Romanian).

* The same has happened with Oppenheimer, who was feted in a recent film—he was a straight-out Jewish Communist, but now he is “a hero” (even though he would betray America).

He also believed that he had “become as death, destroyer of worlds” when he witnessed the atom bomb first detonate—a quote from the Bhagavad Gita that relates to the Godhead Krishna as he speaks to the warrior Arjuna (it is when he reveals his universal form to Arjuna). But, in fact, the atom bomb is a complete inversion of the true power of dharma—the white light of redemption (as related in this passage, number 12—just like the 12 disciples and the 12 knights of the Roundtable).

To complete the atom bomb is the opposite to being “as God”, it is to sink into matter. Remember, the first test was also called “Trinity” too—because it symbolically inverted all religion. So Oppenheimer is inverted too—for the true “white light of redemption” is not harsh like an atom bomb. ****


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