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The White Gods cometh…

I knew a Marxist over 20 years ago who said just the same, so nothing has changed in 20 years—he was also interested in “beliefs” and how people, rural folk in America, come to believe in UFOs (sub-variant of false consciousness). So not much has changed.

The statement just begs the question, though. It’s not a refutation. It only works if you have, buried away in your mind, a premise that “evil white people hate all other races, are suffused with narcissism, and cannot credit anyone else’s achievement”. That would, of course, be how leftists, being narcissists, think. Otherwise, it’s not a refutation at all—it just restates the position but we’re meant to assume, thanks to social pressure and insinuation, it’s “obvious” it’s not true. What if it’s just true?

What’s going on here: 1. the UFOs are real—the UFOs are the gods, nothing is built without divine inspiration (it has to come from somewhere); 2. people have always moved about the whole globe, just very slowly in the past, and so all advanced civilisations have a European racial substrate that diluted over time.

So the reason rural bumpkins in America see UFOs all the time is because these are the local spirits or genii locorum to the place—it’s just like Terence McKenna, that whacked out mushroom nutcase, saw globes of light dive bomb him in the Amazon jungle while he was trippin’ (drugs not required, actually, Terence). So that clears that up—“false consciousness”. *


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