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“The walls are closing in”

If you follow a certain strain in so-called conspiracy theories you begin to get the sensation “the walls are closing in”—along with palpable dread.

It’s the idea “it’s all Masonic theatre—the plandemic, the 5G towers, the vaccine, the migrant crisis, the chemtrails…”

When I read this stuff I get the sensation “it’s hopeless, there’s no escape”—it has this element of futility to it, because “everything” is planned, from 9/11 to the pandemic to the Islamic State.

If the people who say these things really believed that, why even bother to talk about it?

There was never any resistance to it—everyone from Hitler to bin Laden to Saddam to your local councillor is “in on it”.

The way they say “everyone” is in on it lets them play the innocent—if even people who are putatively against the system, like Hitler, were really “elite” then you can say things very like them but then say “of course, they were part of it as well”.

It’s a form of scientific determinism where everything unfolds in a programmatic way—there’s basically nothing you can do.

It appeals to people with a paranoid psyche: this develops if you're disciplined not to show weakness as a child.

When if you show weakness your father immediately offers harsh criticism, slaps you on the cheek and berates you for weakness—“better look out, Gary…can’t be like that, mate…”

People like that come to view authority as very hostile and all-powerful (“they have a plan to kill us”), because the authority they experienced growing up was hostile—so the state = dad.

They become paranoid because they have been trained to hide weakness at all costs—and this makes them terrified that someone will “get inside” them and show that they are weak, which is why they’re paranoid.

If you show them vulnerability they will react with anger, because you show them the weakness inside them that they conceal, and it makes them afraid.

They’ll want to kill you, as I know from experience, because they perceive you as a threat (you mirror the vulnerability inside them back at them)—and they repeat their father’s behaviour back at you to try and make you conform like he made them conform.

These people hate men like Bill Gates to a comic degree because Gates is so unlike what they think a man should be, per their dad’s model, that it causes them psychic distress.

Gates is this amiable nerd—but they portray him as a man like Stalin or Hitler who would kill millions.

Men who kill millions look and sound like men who kill millions—they look like Stalin and Hitler, not Bill Gates.

To men with this mentality it doesn’t make sense, given how they’ve been trained never to show weakness, how someone so “soft”, like Bill Gates, could have so much power—so they project the most insane homicidal intentions onto him (which are really their own homicidal intentions).

Men like this run their own roofing business, left school at 16, drive a nice car, will tell you “Mr. Neville said I’d never amount to anything, but who drives a bigger car now, eh?”—they are used to being their own little boss and being ultra-responsible.

At another level, they don’t understand how anything in this highly technological world works except in the most literal way—so it’s all “planned” by “them”, since for these people, being control freaks, someone is responsible for “everything”.

The give away is that they’ll complain about 5G, Covid-19, and assert that the Moon landings were faked—all on the internet.

Everything else is made up—but the internet, of course, that’s real.

It’s like chemtrails—when people talk about chemtrails “they’re spraying again, the sky bastards” they’re talking about spiritual entities.

It’s just they’re so caught in modernity they can only express what are real spiritual changes in materialist terms—you can tell because they’re fascinated by the vapour patterns.

When they talk about “they” it really means “a spiritual entity”—the AntiChrist—as expressed by ultra-responsible people who are modern in thought.


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