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The shadow, the world island, and global war

I am reluctant to use Peterson as an example yet again, since to do so almost approaches parodic levels—yet he is such a case study, and I never hold back the natural course that I need to take. In this case, he exemplifies the way the repressed can dominate a person. Jung: “A man who is unconscious of himself acts in a blind, instinctive way and is in addition fooled by all the illusions that arise when he sees everything that he is not conscious of in himself coming to meet him from outside...”

Peterson has always claimed to fear war, World War III in particular—it’s in Maps of Meaning, “the fear” permeates his work. The best way to create peace is to prepare for war—since Peterson represses the need for war, since he fears it, he is dominated by this unconscious factor and drives the world towards catastrophic war. Hence, in recent months, he has taken to advocating for the US to support Israel in a war against Iran.

The current world situation is precipitous in four dimensions: in Korea, Russia uses her proxy, the DPRK, to distract US attention from the Ukraine with risky provocations; in the Middle East, the US collaborates with Israel to cripple Iranian drone production—drone production that aids Russia; in the Far East, Taiwan and China stand in tense relation—China sends spy balloons into American airspace; and, finally, in Europe we have the Ukraine War—and the ever-expanding Western military aid to the Ukraine.

The peripheral conflicts could expand the Ukraine War into a general conflagration. A miscalculation in Korea could see war on the peninsula that would draw America and Russia into direct confrontation—the same condition pertains with the Israel-Iran situation. The Jews—who do not run America but exert a powerful negative influence upon her—seek to use the Biden administration’s weakness to wage war on Iran (you can tell they don’t run America because if they did there would have been a strike on Iran over a decade ago—Israel has wanted it for ages, someone, someone not Jewish, has to be lobbied for it).

When Peterson promotes war with Iran—for money, perhaps also because he worships the Jews as the ultimate victims—he increases the risk there will be a world war (i.e. he increases the very thing he claims to fear most). This is how “the shadow” dominates a person—externally Peterson claims to be “terrified” at the prospect of political violence and nuclear war, but his repressed unconscious yearns for it; and so it drives him to cause what he claims to disdain in conscious terms.

Certain factors have constellated in the international arena that could lead to world war. As already mentioned, we have three additional flashpoints aside from the Ukraine—Israel will strike Iran again for sure. There is a definite axis against the West: Russia-DRPK-Iran. In addition, the Chinese are keen to test America’s defences with low-flying balloons while she is distracted.

Now, so far, China and Russia have not been in full collaboration; however, if the two countries did collaborate in full it would be possible for them to defeat the West—victory in war depends on superior economic resources; Russia and China have combined resources superior to the West. Further, China’s weakness is that she cannot innovate; everything she does is just a copy of America—yet the Russians can innovate, being more individual; so if Russia and China collaborate this weakness would be plugged—Russia lacks economic power, China lacks innovative potential; but put them together and you have an unbeatable bloc—a bloc that happens to dominate the geographic “world island”, as identified by MacKinder (“he who controls the world island, rules the world”).

Hence Nixon and Kissinger worked hard to separate Russia and China—however, the incompetent American regime, in its constant militation against China, has driven the two countries together. The two forces may well now realise that it is in their interests to fully collaborate—to end American hegemony (hence the Chinese premier visits Moscow). China could sweep in and take Taiwan, while Russia ran interference via North Korea. If it came to direct confrontation with America, the combined power bloc would prevail—although they could never invade the continental United States (if the US lost the war the most likely outcome would be a collapse in regime legitimacy and civil war). This is a scenario, but even if does not come to pass Russia and China have been forced together—combined their bloc is unbeatable. The US empire is over—we just need to “run the simulation”.

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