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The revelation of Hartsfell

Every year, I will return to Hartsfell for a time; and I will do that until I die—or until I am killed.

But to summarise the revelations of Hartsfell so far:

(1) The Jews must accept Jesus—when I first went to Hartsfell, as related, a group of Orthodox Jews followed me on the trains, changed trains with me all through rural Scotland (an unusual place for Orthodox Jews).

In the last train I had a vision of Christ crucified on a hill—his blood ran down the hill and, when I turned round, all the Jewish children surrounded me, boys and girls who stared at me until I was unsettled.

That night, I saw the supernatural entities.

I interpret this to mean that the Jews must accept Jesus—but I think Christianity was a corruption of the message of Jesus, which was just for the Jews.

So the Jews must make their own accommodation with Jesus—until they do, they serve the AntiChrist (except the Orthodox who recuse themselves from the world, like the ones who followed me on the train—they are exempt because they seek the Messiah).

However, if you confront the Jews you must not steal their wealth—otherwise God will punish you.

(2) People are too selfish—per the revelation at the Rollright Stones, people would see that death isn’t real and that the spirits are real if they were less selfish.

I don’t take that to mean to be polite or to offer people a cup of tea or to be in any way “good”. I think that turns into a subtle selfishness.

I just mean you should be straightforward and honest; if you don’t care about starving kids in Africa, say that—if that’s what you really think; or, at least, don’t pretend that you care when you don’t—but if you want to be kind in a sincere way, then do be.

The worst selfishness is when you pretend to be a “good” person—at least don’t be a hypocrite.

(3) The gods will manifest “just to let you know they are there”—if you seek the gods and do so in a sincere way then the gods will manifest themselves to you, perhaps, as they did that first time at Hartsfell, amid a beautiful meteor shower that they want you to watch.

These are the three revelations so far—I think there may be more as I ask more from the gods over the years, or as they tell me more.

However, there are three further rational observations to make that were acquired not through direct contact with the gods but under their intellectual direction:

(1) The unicorn is the ancient symbol of the AntiChrist—unless it is balanced by the lion, as in the British crest, then it is a symbol of Satan. The fact that it is used as the symbol for the LGBT+ movement today, as a symbol for the trans in particular, shows that the movement is controlled by the AntiChrist.

Insofar as it and the rainbow symbol are synonymous with America, then America is controlled by the AntiChrist—the rainbow is the symbol of God’s covenant with earth, it has been perverted.

(2) The Ark of the Covenant was the same as many similar Egyptian arks but with one difference—it had a space where the god should have gone.

This is because the “God of gods” is the “the void”—it is the same as the bindi in Hinduism and Buddhism, it is the “empty space”.

It can also be represented by “0”, a late invention—and two zeroes can be joined to make the infinity symbol, which, where they meet, creates the third eye.

It is not really possible to say that God exists or doesn’t exist—what you can say, as with “0”, is that whether God exists or not you can certainly work with Him (0, 10, 100, 10000).

Hence all religions do follow the same God, because all link back to “0”—although this is not recognised by all and there are “many paths, one destination”; and so you should not try to force all religions into one religion, because there are differences in racial type and language to account for.

However, all men who follow it through to the end know that there is only *—that being the Hagal rune, which denotes the unsayable Godhead in the revelation of Hartsfell.

(3) The four virtues from Hartsfell are: (a) Be honest (truthful speech) (b) Be loyal (break no oaths) (c) Have courage (d) Honour the gods (which are taken as routes to *—to the unsayable, which some may call “the one God”, but is, in truth, both one God and all gods, both and neither).

The central principle should be “love justice, ye who govern the earth”.

The West is controlled by the AntiChrist—centred mainly in America, partially in Britain.

Its symbols are the unicorn and the rainbow, its strongest partisans the secular Jews and the Freemasons.

This is the force we struggle against, the force of the lie—Islam must force down the AntiChrist West, then the Jews can accept Jesus, and Westerners can recover through the revelation of Hartsfell.

These are the revelations of Hartsfell so far given to me. I am the Horned God, I am Cernunnos—I am both older and younger than Jesus at the same time; and I am before and after Muhammad. ****


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