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The return of Émile Soleil (II)

So Émile Soleil’s bones have been found—and that includes his skull.

A mere kilometre from where he disappeared—despite a massive search operation last year.

As noted, this was some ritual sacrifice—because his name means “sun” and he comes from a very pious and reactionary Catholic family.

So “the son” of Europe was sacrificed—and his bones resurfaced on Easter Day, so when the son should have risen he was found dead.

So, Satanic inversion.

And, as noted, Charlie Hebdo published some vicious caricatures of Émile—as shown above (he even has a flower associated with the sun behind his ear).

The only group off-limits for Hebdo is the Jews—they fired a cartoonist for being “anti-Semitic”.

And a French socialist minister made some veiled comments about the family being suspicious.

There was also a peculiar comment by a policeman that “he loved chasing butterflies”—the butterfly can refer to the soul, but it has also been used as a symbol in European child rape networks.

Whether the grandfather will be accused, or what the exact relation to the family is in all this I don’t know—but it’s irrelevant.

The bones were returned there after the sacrifice.

He was whisked from the village at once, held for a while, and then killed.

Even the press suspects, to quote the town’s mayor: “There are people who regularly use the path nearby. I used it last week. The volunteer searchers have been there, I’m sure. The gendarmes couldn’t have missed him with the dogs.

There was even a logging there in the autumn. The wood cutters didn’t see anything either. It’s incomprehensible.”

The village has been described as “the village of the damned”—and in 2015 Germanwings 9525 crashed there, killing 150.

The co-pilot supposedly committed suicide with the plane (unreported depression)—locked the captain out of the cockpit, but the captain should have had a code to access the cockpit (yet he didn’t use it).

A computer fault has been suggested instead—there’s something very suspicious about that village.

In 2008, a local cafe proprietress was murdered by a schizophrenic customer there.

Given the link between schizophrenia and the occult, I wonder if there is some “force” in that village—perhaps it is on some ley lines and is used for occultistic purposes.

Émile’s disappearance is an obvious Satanic ritual aimed at residual Christian sentiment in Europe.

You might say that I’m contradictory, in that I’m anti-Christian but then I say this targets Christians—but it’s alchemical.

Christianity was used to remove Europe’s primary spiritual defences so that it became materialistic, and now Christianity is going to be removed too.

Christianity prohibited all European forms of gnosis—destroyed the sacred books and traditions, all European protection from alien enchantment.

So who ended up being the only people with magic?

The Jews—whom the Church protected, but now the Church has served its purpose the Jews will remove it.

Leese describes the ritual murder as so: “Concerning a human being, one prefers the highest purest force, a young man, innocent and with clear mind. The blood is the receptacle of the virtues. Therefore we must drink it.”

Well, little Émile was certainly pure—being raised in this family that was very conservative and being very young and also being an attractive child.

So he was the ideal subject for a child sacrifice.

This is why you have to understand there is no resistance—I used to think there are some ultra-reactionary people somewhere who exert a brake on the situation, I used to think that when I was on the left.

But there’s no one—there’s no sensible person or even a sceptical person who will make it stop.

Because we’re dealing with Satanic enchantment, ritual child murder, and kabbalistic rituals.

And most people wouldn’t even credit that it’s real—so they are as good as useless, as regards the actual situation, being enchanted themselves.

That’s why I say America is controlled by the AntiChrist, Britain is controlled by the AntiChrist—most things are.

It’s the regnant system, sustained by events such as this one.


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