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The return of Émile Soleil

Updated: Apr 1

The remains of Émile Soleil have been found—he has been missing for over a year or so.

As I noted before, his big family are very religious, very Catholic, and neo-fascist—and Émile was mocked in the French liberal press, in Charlie Hebdo.

I said before that it was some child sacrifice connected to “the sun”, because his surname means “sun”—to kill the sun, to kill the light, to kill the son of Europe.

Well, he has been found on Easter Day—so that confirms what I said was true.

Because it’s an inversion of Easter, right?

The son (sun) has been found dead on the day he should have been found alive.

So it’s a Satanic inversion, right?

Strangely, the body has been found within less than two miles from his grandfather’s home.

What are the chances that this was missed after a “massive search”?

Low—so unless the whole thing is a fiction, which is possible, then it seems likely his body was planted back in the district to be “found” again.

Don’t forget that there was a recent case where a serial killer was found on the French police force—he had been a murderer while he was a policeman, was even on a game show.

He killed himself before they got him.

Well, couldn’t there be Satanist networks in the French police?

This connects to the way the Biden administration just placed the Trans Day of Visibility over Easter—it’s about the inversion and destruction of Easter, and of Europeans.

In fact, there is something strange about that village.

To quote LBC: “In March 2015 150 people died in a plane crash near the hamlet, and fifteen years ago the village cafe manager was murdered by a customer.

One resident said: ‘Vernet feels like a village of the damned.’”


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