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The release of Islam (II)

As I say, it’s obvious Islam will win—defeat the West in its current iteration. Houellebecq got it ages ago, in an artistic form—it just takes a while to accept. All the momentum and determination is on the side of Islam—demographics too.

In Britain, by 2050, official figures project Muslims will be about 25% of the population—in reality, given immigration, it will be more like 30-35%. This section of the population will be the youngest, the most militant, and where all the energy is.

You might put to me: so are you a Muslim? I answer, no—because, as with Christianity, as with when I stand in a church, I know in my heart it isn’t right for me. I know stone circles are right for me—the Druids and so on.

However, we who aspire to be “walkers on the waters” can only deal in true or false—not right or wrong, not good or bad, not kind or mean. So what I say is truthful—you may not like it, you may think it is unfair, you may think it shouldn’t be, you may believe it isn’t so.

And yet it is.

I make no judgement, just an observation—just as I observe that the main force that opposes this tendency, the rise of Islam, whether it is called “neoconservatism” or “neoreaction” or “the anti-Jihad movement” serves the interests of the Jews, of the AntiChrist.

If you align yourself with the AntiChrist you will not win.

No sentiment you have against Islam can change the reality—and I can’t lie about the reality. I see no force that countervails Islam in the West—just a lot of frightened materialists dedicated to making money and retaining social respectability. I see fraudulent churches that have no connection to the spiritual and that have submitted to the AntiChrist—and I think America itself is a creation of the AntiChrist.

So, no, I can’t lie about it. This is the religion people are prepared to die for—whereas with Christianity people are prepared to put on conferences (with multi-coloured lanyards). Otherwise, the decadent civilised people just hope to have a good time and die out without too much fuss; and, further, race alone is insufficient—it is real, it is connected to the spiritual through the blood, but it is not sufficient as a materialist concept alone. Nationalism is not sufficient—for example, Ukrainian nationalism can hold back Russia but it can’t recover the country’s cratered birthrate (you need actual religion for that).

These are observations about reality and it’s like the Palestine conflict, like the Ukraine conflict—I think the Palestinians have a just cause, and I thought the Russians had a just cause at first (however, I changed my mind—the Ukrainians have proved with their own blood they don’t want to be Russian; and that has to be respected by the Russians—if only for the practical point that you’ll never be able to govern a people so opposed to your rule).

Yet, so far as Britain goes, these conflicts have nothing to do with us—it’s just like there are doubtless tribal wars on that very diverse island of Papua New Guinea where you could pick out a side with a just cause, if provided with the facts. Yet just because you can identify a just cause doesn’t mean we as a country should intervene to help the N’uxni over the K’Chaa.

It’s the same with Israel and Palestine—it has nothing to do with us, just like Ukraine has nothing to do with us. There’s no state interest, no British interest, in either conflict. This is just reality—same as with Islam’s rise.

What I think will happen is that America will go down to some internal conflict, which will open the east to China and take the pressure off Russia—America will withdraw her forces from Europe due to her internal instability.

That will be like when Rome pulled her legions back from the Danube—the barbarians will push on inwards (in this case, the Muslims). Christianity will go down, the AntiChrist system will go down—and, as it does, the European rump will paganise again while Islam takes the initiative for several centuries.

This assumes that, in fact, we are not at the end of the kali-yuga and are not in for the return of the gods and several centuries of literal apocalypse—which we may be.


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