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The release of Islam

Since I started to say Islam will win—that Islam will beat the West—I feel this great liberation, I presume this liberation is the truth. There’s no need to pick the alternative—a homosexual like Douglas Murray who defends the Jews as they murder countless women and children in the Gaza ghetto, or the canting Christians who really worship the Jews and not Jesus (or worship the fraud St. Paul).

It’s so obvious it’s true—on all fronts, Islam advances. The West cannot stand against it, the West is too decadent to stand against it. Her population fails to reproduce in ever greater numbers each year, the AntiChrist fraud that is Christianity is revealed evermore clearly—just as Pope Francis, a truly Satanic figure, blesses same-sex partnerships now.

Islam will defeat the West—which is America, which is nothing to do with Europe but is rather a concoction by the Jews, by Judeo-Masonry; it’s a kind of AntiChrist that destroys everything healthy in the world.

There is no opposition, the European politicians and elites are too corrupt to do anything about it—like Meloni they lie to their electorates in a blatant way and do the opposite to what they say, but nobody cares because most Europeans are just pig-men, anyway; just animal-men. Certainly, the pure sword of Islam will cut through these lies.


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