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The last judgement of Parson Malthus

There seem to be some so-called Christians who quake at Parson Malthus and the attendant conclusion from Malthusianism that depopulation is desirable; perhaps it’s because Malthusian thought is integral to Darwinism and many people see Darwinism to be against religion—yet that has nothing to do with Malthus himself. Darwin utilised Malthus, but Malthus predated Darwin.

The Malthus position is pure Christianity: namely, man’s chief fault—his original sin—remains his bestial lust; and Malthus maintained that this is a condition few men escape—hence we are fated for overpopulation, given than the population increase is exponential and that the food supply is arithmetical. The check on this condition must be misery (starvation or poor living conditions) or vice (prostitution, homosexuality, violation of the marriage bed, abortion).

It strikes me that if mankind’s fate in a fallen world is to push up against those limits, not starving thanks to advanced agriculture but falling into vice, then to depopulate is a divine judgement.

The contemporary West is riddled with “the vices”, being overpopulated—and, within a Christian context, these vices should be judged. Indeed, it could be seen as a redemptive process whereby we begin to work our way back to a state where we are no longer governed by “bestial lust” and become creatures of pure light—after we have judged and removed the most vice-ridden. The judgement of Parson Malthus falls upon an overpopulated world.

Nobody will say this today—no one will administer the judgement of Parson Malthus, even though it is perfectly consistent with Christian ideas (the sodomites, the fornicators, the abortionists shall be washed away—they have arisen due to unrestrained lust). Hence you have a bizarre position where “Christian fundamentalists” such as Alex Jones and Vox Day claim “the guberment” is trying to “depopulate” the earth—nonsense, the government is democratic, the government loves the people; the government is “big mama” who wants more sex and more babies for ever and ever and ever and so, in turn, more vice—the father’s judgement culls the vice-ridden, the harlot state and her repulsive children.

There is no “plan for depopulation”. The reason the right, particularly the American right, talks about this is because the left uses a quasi-Malthusian argument (though not a true Malthusian argument) to say that Europeans in particular should depopulate (it’s perverse, the most productive people should vanish—the parasites should remain, hence perverse leftism).

This is put forward in a climate change context. Yet men like Jones know, deep down, it is unacceptable to extol Europeans—they accept a democratic formula, where all men are equal, so they project their hidden desire onto their enemies (“The WEF plans to depopulate the earth”). If only it did, but it doesn’t; it makes selective propaganda aimed at Europeans, rather than at the vice-ridden—rather than at the burden than drags us down. Wisdom is repressed and projected onto your enemies so as to appear “nice” and “not Hitler” in a democratic context. I say: refuse to cull and we will live on an earth dominated by the most extreme vice ever seen.


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