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The Koran and crop circles

There are signs all around us, for those who can see—and this was illustrated to me by a Welshman I followed on YouTube who was involved in crop circles in the 1990s.

While he made these circles he encountered lights that manifested at the end of fields (as happened to me at the Rollright Stones), strange growling noises that emanated from nowhere (like the breath at Rollright), and a situation where it rained all around the crop circle but not in the crop circle. He also once encountered a glowing triangle in the sky while driving through the Welsh valleys.

Now, a simple investigation into these matters, without much effort, would reveal that crop circles are sigils—magical operations—and that the lights and so on are the genius loci of the place. It doesn’t take much effort to identify the source—just as Muhammad speaks of “lights in the sky”, as I saw rotate above me at Hartsfell, that emanate from the seventh heaven and suppress “the satans” (there being many satans in Islam, as opposed to the unitary Christian Satan).

This Welshman even once interviewed an older Welshman on camera in the 1990s who had seen various UFOs. The older Welshman asked his younger companion, “Do you think much about the Bible? About God?” and the younger Welshman, being more interested in videos cameras and “the mystery”, just became embarrassed and non-committal.

The older Welshman predicted that he would, as he became older, but that didn’t come to pass—to judge from his current videos.

So when the Koran says “there are signs all around us for those with eyes to see and ears to hear” there really literally are. It’s not just a weak metaphor where some vicar says, “Consider the rainbow, consider the birds—are these not signs there is a God?”. Well, it’s a bit stronger than that—it’s lights that manifest at the end of fields and invisible growling noises.

Yet even people who are totally wrapped up in these mysteries, like the crop circle Welshman, don’t make the connection. They just say—say years later, into the 2010s, when they have moved on to something else—“It was really odd, really strange. You know, maybe it’s aliens”. People are just too embarrassed to say the obvious thing it’s the other world, it’s the land beyond the veil—it’s the gods, it’s God.

So “the signs” can literally be before someone and they’ll refuse to look into it and accept that is what it is—even though it doesn’t take much effort to find out (and these are people who actually see “the phenomena”, let alone people who don’t). Is it aliens? Look, it’s invisible creatures that growl at the end of fields and smell of sulphur—you can summon them with magical operations, it’s not aliens.

And I don’t think it’s “AI from the future, shooting back guides to its creation”—because the development of AI is the opposite to all these things. Computers have changed a lot since I was young, but they’re still basically the same thing—just faster and with more memory. I don’t see anything like these phenomena associated with them, which you would expect—you’d expect to see something “occultic” now—if these things are “messages from AI” (isn’t that just another way to say “messages from God”?).

So, basically, people can be presented with what are manifestly signs from the other world and still they refuse to accept that. Because those with eyes to see and ears to hear are very rare—as most religious texts suggest.


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