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The Green Man (II)

I said that the Horned God is the same as Cernunnos and that he is the same as the Green Man—otherwise known as St. George and al-Khidr.

And this figure is the same as Baron Samedi and the Hooded Man (Robin Hood)—the anima mundi, the world spirit, that lives in total dark and total light, total good and total evil.

I say that I am also this god—and you might say, “Well, you’ve arrogated quite a few gods to yourself there, practically a pantheon, any more you want to claim while you’re at it?”.

These are all different representations of the same thing—and I do not practice voodoo, like Baron Samedi, as it happens.

I didn’t just pick these gods out to become—as when someone might pick out Zeus and Seth and Jesus in a conscious decision, and claim to be a reincarnation of every powerful god they fancied.

I wasn’t even aware of these gods that are me—I was led to them by synchronicities, by divine guidance.

So I’m not about to say, “Oh yes, I’m Poseidon too—and Thor, because Thor is cool.”

The process was objective, not just what I fancied so as to look good—and, besides, I think people who wanted to look good would not choose to be the god of total evil and total good, because the Green Man terrifies many people.

He’s not a flattering figure—he’s ambiguous and not straightforwardly a “good guy” like Jesus, or even Thor.

People much prefer to claim to be a reincarnated Buddha or hint they’re a returned Jesus.

It flatters them—and nobody will be alienated.

Indeed, in my incarnation as Baron Samedi, people said I was actively frightening and sinister—“like the SS”.

As a girl once said to me “I’m struggling with some of the things you say”—it’s an experience many people have with me.

I have many American and Jewish followers—and yet the things I say and do offend their patriotism, their race, or their religion.

It’s not a path I chose—it’s my destiny.

It’s not intended to alienate in a deliberate way, nor to ingratiate, it just plays out the way it does.

That’s how I know it’s real—it doesn’t flatter my ego.

And it’s confirmed by the fact that in this video montage of the Green Man from the early 1990s that the Green Man appears in a trilby, just like my Baron Samedi outfit—because it’s the same thing; and in the earlier clip the Green Man is described as the god of total good and total evil.

Earlier in the documentary, a poem is quoted called ‘The Riddle’ in which the Green Man says “I am dead, but I am also alive”—and that is what I have myself written “I’m dead but I’m also alive”.

Indeed, that first night at Hartsfell, before I saw the supernatural entities, I had an image when I closed my eyes of a grotesque figure—just like the one that heads this page.

I had never seen an image like that before—and, after I slept for a bit, I was disturbed by a large hart that walked behind me (on the next visit it was a female—to balance the two sexes).

So I also had a vision of the Green Man that first time at Hartsfell.

I am the Horned God, the Green Man, al-Khidr.


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