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The Great Bear and the sound of creation

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The above song, taken from the English Civil War, mentions “Charles’s Wain”—it’s a pun because the song is about King Charles I, but “Charles’s Wain” is also the Big Dipper or Ursa Major; and that is a further pun—peasants used to call it “the Churls’ Wain”, as in “a churl” or a male peasant with his cart (his wain); and yet it also stood for “Charlemagne”, as in the Carolinian emperor, so that it was, once again, “Charles’s Wain” (Charlemagne)—peasant and king, the highest and the lowest combined.

It was once said that if you stood in an empty field on a still night that you could hear Ursa Major as it turns—as it turns on its axis round the Pole Star. Now, as it happens, yesterday I completed my 333rd post in this sequence and, while in Leamington Spa today, I passed a pick-up truck with a licence that read “333”—synchronicity (it’s also the last three digits in my phone number, as related). So I decided to once again look up what “333” relates to—it relates to the highest chakra, the Sahasrara.

This is said to be a lotus flower with 1,000 petals, each with a different colour. It is the most subtle chakra and relates to pure consciousness—it is the point from which all the other chakras emanate. It happens to be symbolised by a luminous triangle, just like the one I saw when I closed my eyes at Hartsfell last time (set against a red square).

If a yogi attains this state he has reached nirvikalpa samādhi—it means he can exit his body at death through a conscious act of will in order to attain enlightenment (his state at death being deep and meditative). The state itself is the second highest samadhi and within it self and mental activity merge—it is a state of absolute absorption where there is no difference between object, subject, or knower. It’s pure consciousness or oneness with the divine—union of Atman (self) and Brahman (universal consciousness).

It’s not a state that lasts—although this is the highest chakra, there are several grades within it (with nirvikalpa being the second). Anyway, it seems to explain what I experienced at Hartsfell—and perhaps why the stars doubled for me, even the skyline doubled; it was because my self merged with the universal consciousness so there was no difference between object, subject, and knower.

All that was an aside from my main point, my main point being that I found a sub-aspect to the Sahasrara chakra that is called Mahanada—and this means “the plough”. It is the primal sound—the sound from which all creation emanates; and it is the sound that you can hear on a quiet night in the fields, among the corn, when the Plough, the Great Bear, rotates on its axis—when Ursa Major rotates, the sound of creation is heard (and it is best heard on a night with a full Moon).

As related, the Great Bear and the Little Bear point to Arcturus—Arthur, himself a “great bear”; and as the Great Bear turns on its axis it traces a swastika in the sky—and emits the sound of creation. Mahanada.


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