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The Golden One (II)

This video is called “No one is coming to save you”. That is a cliche that people say—since it’s a cliche, it can’t be true. For a start, I’m coming to save you—and not just me, also a collection of astral entities, called the gods, and the Godhead as well. Well, that’s very nice—but we wanted something more realistic.

There is nothing more realistic, I can assure you.

This video further exemplifies the point I made about the Golden One in the previous article, so I will be brief here, since the meat is in that article—but here he explicitly says “all life is a business transaction”. Does that constitute a righteous attitude? A virtuous attitude? Is that even reality in the elementary sense? Does anyone who thinks for more than a few seconds think that? No, it is an attitude entirely typical of modernity—life is a negotiation, a deal. It’s reduction to the lowest level, the cash transaction—the cash nexus.

It is without principle in any dimension, it is democratic in its quintessence—for a democracy is a negotiation.

The Golden One is nominally against mass immigration, but why? Life is “just a business transaction”, it’s a negotiation—I mean, perhaps, for certain wheeler-dealers, immigration is a good idea. Every man has his price—could we not come to an “accommodation” that would be to the mutual benefit of all parties concerned…?

“But, Mr. Bronstein, I’m not sure I should sell my soul to you for all perpetuity….”. “You have to understand…nobody is coming to save you, this life is all we have…you know you make a little, you lose a little…what is a ‘soul’, is it real?…Sounds made up to me, I mean we’re modern men—practical…We should all have the best time we can while we can, no? I mean, you seem like a man who knows what life is really like…you have your head screwed on…just sign here, the rates are excellent…”

Notice that people who also offer you total nihilistic despair “nobody is coming to save you” also think that life is “a business transaction”. Because it’s a dog eat dog world and the devil take the hindmost—right? Loyalty, honour…Hang on, those are not business transactions! They don’t even exist, they’re just airy-fairy nonsense! We’re “real men” here! Real men slit each other’s throats just because…“tough”.

This is the counterpart to the left, another iteration of the left, because the left says “yes, that’s how it is—now, let’s do a deal, let’s redistribute the wealth”.

This nihilistic transactional materialist outlook on everything—even, dare I say, dare I risk, the sicky word itself, “love”—leads to the left. “It’s just a transaction”—it’s all, well, trans in the end, isn’t it? Well, why not sell the country to foreigners then? Why not allow gay marriage, just do a deal so everyone is satisfied (marriage just being a piece of paper, you made it that way when you legalised divorce)? Why care about anything, and since it’s all about cash then why can’t we just share the cash a bit?

People say there is no * because they want to murder, steal, and lie—it’s that simple; and they speak in cliches, like “the value you bring to the table” and “metapolitics”, because they will not speak the simple truth, because that requires courage (which is not transactional).

Time to hear the good news—death isn’t real, someone is coming to save you.


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