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The end of the world (II)


Of course, it’s always been the end of the world—as this video from 1982 demonstrates.

But just because people have been wrong in the past doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

As I say, I think this will unfold over about 250-300 years, so it’s a relatively gradual process.

However, it will take a sudden lurch in 2025.

The best way to sum it up would be the Leonard Cohen lyric “things are going to slide, slide in all directions—won’t be nothing (won’t be nothing) you can measure anymore.”

That’s the Aquarian age for you.

As a Leo, it’s not my ideal age—I belong in the Golden Age, governed by Leo, because the Leo is filled with warm and noble sentiments.

Aquarius is the opposite to Leo—it’s the age of cold and quirky intelligence, of men like Zelensky, who is an Aquarius himself.

Cold quirky technology—dissolution of everything.

That’s Aquarius.

The people who’ll find it hardest will be conservatives—because all traditions and fixed points will dissolve, and you can see that in operation right now.

Yesterday, the Institute for the Study of War said: “Several Russian financial, economic, and military indicators suggest that Russia is preparing for a large-scale conventional conflict with NATO, not imminently but likely on a shorter timeline than what some Western analysts have initially posited…Polish President Andrzej Duda emphasized in a March 20 interview with CNBC that Putin is intensifying efforts to shift Russia to a war economy with the intention of being able to attack NATO as early as 2026 or 2027, citing unspecified German research.”

On the same day, a US admiral said that China wants to attack Taiwan in 2026—so, in line with my post about war in 2025 or 2026 at the latest (per the prophecy of Woden’s Folk—which sees 2026 as decisive).

Now, this idea that the Russians are unilaterally gearing up for war on NATO is somewhat misleading.

Given the propaganda about conscription in NATO countries, you could say the same about NATO.

What it would be more accurate to say is that China and Russia are gearing up for war with NATO.

With support from North Korea, Iran, and Hezbollah.

You can see the three theatres of the war already: Europe, Taiwan, Israel—with a front in Korea.

So are the Russians “the good guys”? Well, I’m not sure, because Putin is still KGB and the KGB is the KGB.

Russian propaganda is like if conservatives in the West were in charge—but it’s still progressive in essence.

The Russians offer “baby bonuses” for children—but they don’t tackle the root problem, female empowerment.

So that policy will never work.

I don’t see, as some may, that Russia is a force against the AntiChrist.

China certainly isn’t, being a materialist Market-Leninist regime.

Iran is the healthiest aspect in the alliance—but also the weakest material strut, as you’d expect.

However, from the West that’s somewhat academic—the foreigners aren’t going to save us.


In political terms, there is no point in having any concern over parliamentary politics.

The system is too decadent and too far under malevolent control to be reformed.

Except for minimal defensive politics, there is no political solution—ideas like “stop the boats” are a waste of time, it’s a waste of time to campaign against these things; even if a man like Trump were elected his orders would just be frustrated anyway.

Short of a military coup, which is unlikely, there is no political answer—and the problem with coups is that the people who would do them are too materialist in mindset, they would be twisted on the spiritual plane and so controlled.

So it’s a waste of energy to campaign or to campaign for parliament.

So that means that the political route is what “survivalists” have always said.

Form small groups that trust each other in a local area, preferably rural, with about 12 members at most (in fact, 12 members ideally)—and begin to detach from mainstream society to the greatest extent possible.


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