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The Druid

The British used to pride themselves on the fact that they swept up all the German spies sent to Britain in WWII. This let them form the famous “double-cross system”—led by the “XX Committee” (purely female)—that used those captured agents to send false reports to the Germans.

However, there was one agent they never caught—a Welsh nationalist codenamed “Druid”; a poet, born in Patagonia—near the Antarctic, near the Pole to which Hitler would transfer himself once the war on the material plane ended and moved to the esoteric plane only.

Patagonia has long had a Welsh colony there—led out of Wales in the 19th century when the English, controlled by Judeo-Masonry as ever, banned the Welsh language (in an attempt to cut us off from the language of the old ones, of the Menhir builders—of the Aryan giants).

Patagonia—land of gauchos and dinosaurs. A Palaeolithic land once held to be the only place in the world you could survive a nuclear war.

The reason why this agent survived was that he was run by the SS—not by German military intelligence, the Abwehr. It’s really a miracle Hitler got as far as he did—because he was betrayed at all levels. Admiral Canaris, head of the Abwehr, offered to meet his counterpart from the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS; aka, MI6) in Spain during the war for a conference (betrayal conference). The British only refused because they feared it would offend the Soviets (tells you something about the British war priorities).

So the Abwehr were pretty much useless until the SS took over foreign intelligence sometime in 1944 (way too late). It’s likely they were selling out the Germans from the start. So it is no surprise that their network in Britain was compromised—and compromised by Kim Philby, who was a Soviet agent himself.

It’s like many things in this world—you might think Francisco Franco was some kind of crazed fascist, but if you look into his politics he described himself as a “republican” and had to be convinced to be a monarchist for the Loyalist side in the Spanish Civil War (let alone “a fascist”).

So it’s no surprise he stayed out of WWII and then that Spain went on to be among the most “woke” countries in Europe—Franco trusted the Catholic Church and Jesuits, of course; and the Church has been run by anti-European forces for centuries—as for the Jesuits, do you really want to worship Satan and his apostles of deception?

It’s all like that. Anyway, they didn’t get the Druid—this handsome poet who was once found declaiming poetry in Welsh to the sea in Rügen (some mystical exercise to summon the sea spirits, perhaps). The Germans called him “the Monk”.

He was, of course, a literal Druid, having enjoyed pride of place at the Patagonian Eisteddfod; and, perhaps, on the esoteric front you could say that “the Druid” was never caught because he was the first of the last in the eternal return; just when it was thought all the Druids had been killed, one returned—from over the sea, from Patagonia (“land of the large foot”, as Magellan named it—or, “land of the giants”; land of the White Giants, the Aryans—the builders of the pyramids).

The rumour is that Philby turned the Druid to spy for the Soviets (anything to get at the English)—and so his identity was never revealed to the powers that be, he became Philby’s private agent (his little secret). There is a further rumour that he went on to oversee the Welsh cultural renaissance in the 1960s and the return of the Welsh language…of course, in the wilderness of mirrors, who can know?

Cyfarchion gan y Derwydd & y Gymru ddirgel!


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