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The Devil and the world

People talk about how the wicked control the world.

The main cause is usually said to be greed—people want money.

After that, other people like to say the problem is sex—people lust after sex.

Perhaps, at a distant third, people say it’s about violence and domination—men desire power and control over other men.

What is never mentioned is vanity.

Because the people who say the wicked control the world due to greed for money, or lust for sex, or the desire to dominate usually say it because they are vain.

They want everyone to think they are a “good” person—so they don’t blame vanity.

There’s no market for that—there’s a market for blaming greedy rich people, for talking about sex, and for feeling sorry about violence.

But not for the destruction of vanity.

There’s always a market for vanity.

The Devil controls the world because people care too much about their reputations.

And that happens to be the main female vice—the desire to look good.

To be a vain female creature.

Some men want to look good by playing saints, and some men want to look good by playing villains—but, saint or villain, they’re both vain.

Burn your reputation.

The fool has no reputation.

The fool says, “I am what I am.”

I am what I am.


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