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The Dark Ages

Contrary to popular belief, we live in the darkest of dark ages. Our technology has never been better, but our quality has never been lower. This is not just a lament for people to “believe more”—in Jesus or Mohammad. I don’t see that the request for people to believe in something will make the slightest difference—people assented that they “believed” as we slid downwards.

When people create crop circles—which are really giant sigils or magical operations—they often report that lights will appear in the fields they work in (small globes), along with strange noises. It is the same as I saw and heard at the Rollright Stones and at Hartsfell—it is the genius loci of the place.

This situation was attested to in ancient times, as we can see from Frazer’s The Golden Bough (1890):

“Further, we are told that in the land of the Bisaltae, a Thracian tribe, there was a great and fair sanctuary of Dionysus, where at his festival a bright light shone forth at night as a token of an abundant harvest vouchsafed by the deity; but if the crops were to fail that year, the mystic light was not seen, darkness brooded over the sanctuary as at other times."

This light is the light of the fields—the light of the gods, the light of the supra-mundane world that surrounds us. We are totally cut off from such experiences today—hence the Dark Age is upon us, the age of selfishness and greed.

You might object that the “bright light” was a hoax—and that is the problem. In late paganism, just as with Christianity today, everything was worn out—people regarded paganism in ancient Rome just as they regard Christianity in our time, they were cynical about it and tired of it.

The sanctuaries and oracles often featured “trick lights” and “trick voices”—the priests had become corrupt or perverted and could no longer access the true lights and the true prophecies, just as charismatic evangelicals in our time “faith-heal” people with an ear piece taped to them in order to hear via “the voice of the Lord” the congregation’s names and conditions. Throw away that walking frame…Alice…I feel the power of the Lord burning away those…nerve legions. Praise be!

Hence the Christians said the oracles were silent, the sanctuaries were silent—but they were only corrupt, just as Christians are corrupt today. The gods are silent for the corrupt. The Christians might have been less corrupt back then, but they also had no initiation—they just asked people to believe without proof, which was a step down. And now nobody even believes—so we have reached the lowest part of the kali-yuga, the true Dark Age.

But the gods are returning, and the lights will once again be lit.


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