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The cup of tea is on the table

You seem to be keen on the Bible—and Jesus Christ.

Here, look at my gold-embossed Bible with hand annotations

From my grandfather.

Here, look at the mat where I sit zazen for hours each day

And consider, please, my recitation of the Qur’an.

And if you must, I will show you my Talmud and the commentary

Upon it.

So, you could say you want to talk about God.

That is a big word.

I just want to say, “The cup of tea is on the table.”

Is that in the Bible, let me see…

I don’t think so, it’s just here—not in a book.

No, please—let us talk about God.

Before we begin to talk about God

Let’s be basic


And say—“The cup of tea is on the table.”

Indeed, let me ink my hands with the Bible first.

I don’t know the Bible—but I know the cup of tea is on the


Say it with me, please.

But no, you waffle about Jesus—and the tea goes cold and


It’s a shame, this drink reaches the parts

Others can’t.


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