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The child sacrifice

I went to a school that was meant to create a counter-elite to make England Catholic again—so it was very, very reactionary and very, very Catholic.

It had Spanish students whose grandparents had been in the Falange and who would throw Roman salutes at me and sing fascist marching songs.

I’m not a Catholic, I’m not even baptised—so I was an outsider, along with the one Japanese kid.

However, I was best friends with the only guy in the school who took Catholicism seriously—the only one who really believed.

He really believed because his parents were converts—they were true-believers.

They converted together and upended their lives to be Catholics—so they really, really believed.

Now, the people around me didn’t seem to—they sent videos of women fellating donkeys on the school email system, they didn’t seem to think they were going to hell for this.

And when the teachers did sex education they skipped the actual pages about contraception but told us to be sensible and wear a condom.

But this guy really believed and acted like he believed.

Now, at the time I was Communist—I would say now, years later, because the school was that bad but I didn’t know how to say to my parents, “Can you take me away from this place?”. So that was how I expressed my anger.

But I really got on with this guy—and he even said, even though he had relations who smuggled bibles into Communist Poland and were briefly imprisoned for it (genuine martyrs), “well, at least you’re not a Nazi.”.

That sums it up—because, of course, I’d rebelled into Catholicism 2.0 (aka Communism).

The two beliefs are more alike than they are different, because they were both cooked up by the same people—the Jews.

So we both wanted an egalitarian tribal community of believers—except he wanted it in heaven and I wanted it on earth.

Everyone else was a de facto pagan, being born into Catholicism and so cheerfully cynical about the whole charade.

But we were true-believers.

In fact, at the same time I met a Catholic priest who was in the Communist Party and campaigned for Cuba—the Church had no problem with that.

Just like the “brainwashed” Jesuits came back from China and wanted to start a “Christian Communist Party”, because Jesuitism is already very like Communism.

Well, this guy’s parents were teachers at the school—so he always had to be on good behaviour, so everyone hated him.

So one day they lynched him, pretty much—a really brutal assault which put him in the school infirmary.

To take out all the aggression from all the times his father told them off—and because he was “so good, so perfect” (which he had to be, unfortunately).

And that incident was hushed up—because “for the good of the Church”.

His parents both went to Cambridge—his brother studied quantum physics at Cambridge.

So they were really smart.

But they were total believers—true-believers.

So you shut up for the good of the Church.

So people ask questions about “how can people believe in transgenderism?” or “how can people believe in Communism?”—and they say “how can they be so stupid?”.

But they’re not necessarily stupid—they’re believers, true-believers.

And they think what they do is good, and they will voluntarily, without being told by anyone, conceal anything that contradicts what they believe—because to believe what they believe makes them “good people”, possibly will save them “for all time”.

All they’ll do is use their great intelligence to lie to you in clever ways, implicit ways.

As they practice “the child sacrifice”.


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