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The chart

If you want to experience meaningfulness, go into a field and stand still—watch the patterns around you, appreciate you are part of those patterns (you are the patterns knowing themselves). You don’t have to think to do it; and to think about it, to think “I’m watching patterns”, will ruin it—you just have to be there and that is sufficient. You will feel life is meaningful—and that’s because you are surrounded by intricate patterns that exist for their own sake, like a recursive swastika design in an antique Greek temple.

The sensation is that everything is connected and that there is no past or future—it’s not the same as to say everything in the field is connected by causal processes. If you start to think like that you’ll start to lose the meaning—if you throw a white square over a patch of flowers and count the different species there, then throw the square elsewhere and count the other species, and then make a tally of them then the field will become meaningless. You might establish that species X eats species Y—or that species Y only grows in soil X; and that is a connection—but it is not a harmonious pattern.

The chart above shows a Faustian pact. The Faustian pact is that if we break everything down, establish its regularities, make observations, and make quantified value-free inferences about these things we will be able to attain control and we will, at last, grow rich—very rich, as the chart displays.

Yet as we grow richer and richer we grow more and more dissatisfied—because our wealth depends on the degree we can break down intricate patterns that exist for their own sake. That is what is required to master nature—if everything is connected, it’s connected by causal processes (it’s not like if I wear black I’ll attract black things—people with black looks or black hearts or black skins). That’s magical thinking, you know.

Life will never feel meaningful if you’re obsessed with goals and objectives—goals and objectives are for tomorrow, and yet tomorrow never comes. When you attain your objective you feel like you lost, even if you won. People want to go somewhere else, but when they arrive they’re ready to leave.

Do you think it can last? Perhaps if we pulled the chart back further, the spike wouldn’t be an anomaly—but I get the impression it is an anomaly. I get the impression what goes up must come down. It must do, because the growth feeds on the intricate patterns—it feeds on races, customs, and traditions; it eats those, like raw fuel, to create growth—yet when certain racial characteristics vanish, such as intelligent people with independent minds, techno-scientific growth will stall.

Techno-science leads to wealth—wealth leads to luxury, as with the Romans and their cheap slaves from Carthage, and luxury leads to unrealistic behaviour and decadence. Our success kills us, it consumes us and deludes us—that’s why everyone has this intuition “it can’t last” that they represent as “climate change” but which exists in many dimensions.

The left is more sensitive to it because the left represents religion and art gone decadent—they are still sensitive to the patterns that are disrupted, that’s where Extinction Rebellion comes in. The right is composed from “realists” who just want to continue the techno-science complex, the engineering complex, without interruption—without all this “woo” about how you “feel in your body” (belief, ideas, imagination—out). At the meta-level, both sides are in deviation from reality—for both accept the rational frame, to one extent or another.

Extinction Rebellion values all human life, being rationalists—they base their scepticism about the growth above on science itself; and so they cannot contemplate the one salve for our current problems—a cull, since that suggests some people are out-group (but techno-science knows no out-group—knows no man or woman, either). Hence their concern is pretence—the right, the conservative liberals, just says “it doesn’t matter, economic growth is all”; and, in a statement that is just religious belief, they hold that techno-science will invent a solution to our current problems.

There is no problem and there is no solution: there is only Hyperborea—and the black flag.


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