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The bones of Jesus

This is where the bones of Jesus reside—as labelled “Jesus, son of Joseph”. James Cameron made this claim a while back, but he missed a detail—the bones are buried with the high priest Caiaphas. The reason is that Caiaphas did a deal with Jesus, as alluded to in John (11:49-52): “You know nothing at all! You do not realize that it is better for you that one man dies for the people than that the whole nation perishes.”

As related, around the time Jesus came on the scene the sacrifices in the Temple failed—the Jewish priest used to confer the sins of the Jews onto a goat (symbolically, onto the Gentiles) and kill it, with the final evidence this had worked being when a red bandana turned white. When this no longer happened, the solution was a human sacrifice—Jesus, as described above (who had handily presented himself as a scapegoat by causing an uproar in the country).

So Jesus died for the Jews (for he always said he only came for them) so that the sins of the Jews could be conferred onto the Gentiles—we’ve been soaking up the sins of the Jews for centuries (I wonder if they committed many…?).

To fulfil the various elements of the Messiah story, Jesus had to be buried among the rich—he had to die among the poor and be buried among the rich (Isaiah). So after he had died, Caiaphas had his bones transferred to his vault to lies among “the rich” (the bones are even buried with a nail, which I presume came from the cross). Meanwhile, Jesus nipped off onto to some lower level of the astral plane and made a few appearances here and there. This also explains why Muslims claim that Jesus wasn’t crucified but rather a “double” was crucified—they became confused over the bones in the box, evidence that Jesus’s body didn’t disappear (Gnostics have some similar ideas, about different “bodies” of Jesus that have disappeared—astral bodies, for example).

The matter was further confused because Julian the Apostate had the official “tomb of Jesus” bulldozed at some point in his anti-Christian campaign.

The whole Jesus story is really the story of Esau and Jacob—Jacob cons Esau into selling his birthright for a mess of pottage; and this is seen as a fine moral example for Jews (dishonesty). It was said Jacob dressed in either goat or lamb skins to fool blind Issac to conferring his blessing on him. The lamb—so associated with Jesus, the lamb is Satan. It is literally the wolf in sheep’s clothing—it is the means by which you are fooled into signing your birthright over to the Jews.

It’s the biggest con job in history—Christianity (with Islam a close second). At the moment, some Jews push “the bones in the box” to get the traditional Christian story revised—because at the moment they want the last vestige of Christianity destroyed so that Europeans are left with zero spiritual defences (it’s why all the churches and cathedrals are being burned down too). It’s the final mind-fuck reversal, when the truth that Jesus only died for the Jews is revealed to “the faithful”—you were played all along and it’s too late, like lambs to the slaughter…

It will really hurt some Christians when the final demolition job is enacted—you thought you were saved, but you were damned for our sins! (lol). It’s why a big black fly landed on Mike Pence when he was on camera once—what do flies land on? Shit. He’s a piece of shit—one of these Christians used as a puppet for Judeo-Masonry (Obama had a fly land on him too, of course…).

Plan is to build the Temple in Jerusalem and kill everyone else off. It’s true Jerusalem is one of the sacred sites of initiation—but there are many such sites around the world; and they all relate, in the final analysis, to the celestial Pole—to the Hyperborean realm, the Hyperboreans being without varna (without colour, without caste) and so the true universal priesthood (as opposed to the, frankly, “racist” viewpoint put about by the Jews).

It’s to do with selfishness and narrow-mindedness—these “stiff-necked people” just can’t let anyone else have a sacred site of initiation and have to claim to be the most important people in the world, it’s rather arrogant really. However, they will, very shortly, have to learn to share…


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