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The black eye

Last night, my mother said, “You have a black eye. Did someone hit you?” and folded her arms.

I looked in the bathroom mirror, but I didn’t have a black eye.

It’s because the Horned God is also Odin—he only has one eye.

That’s why I saw those four ravens last week, after I saw the three golden crosses.

To clarify the situation, Cernunnos is the Celtic version of Odin—later, both gods were Christianised as “the Green Man”; and Odin also became the folk hero Robin Hood (the Hooded Man) and St. George.

So it’s not that I claim to be a pantheon, it’s more that the same force, the force that flows through me, has been described in different ways.

In Islam, this figure is known as al-Khidr—the green man who initiated Moses and who is a freelance mystic who somehow has all the powers of prophethood without being a prophet.

In Judaism and Christianity as a whole, this figure is known as Melchizedek—or the King of Salem.

He initiated Abraham—and, as it happens, Melchizedek is a Canaanite king.

Now, you may recall that identify myself with the video game villain “Kane” from Command and Conquer—he has a shaved head just like me.

But he is not the biblical Cain, rather he is Melchizedek—he is “the King of Salem”, that is why his name is spelled “Kane”, it’s esoteric.

Melchizedek is the same as al-Khidr, he is not initiated by any priest but goes by “the way of the private face”.

Rather than animal sacrifice, he attains his station by the sacrifice of his soul and his prayers from a pure heart.

There is no beginning or end to his priesthood—and he is a mysterious figure who appears quickly then disappears in the Bible.

This is because the Horned God, as discussed, is the god of total dark and total light, of total evil and total good—of the alpha and the omega.

He alternates quickly between the two.

The Christians speak about the dual nature of priesthood, of the priesthood of Jesus—and Melchizedek instantiates this situation because he is a king and a priest.

These are his two crowns—the earthly and the heavenly, his dual nature (intangible, like the Tao).

He doesn’t appear prominently because he can only initiate people like Abraham, Moses, or Jesus—most cannot understand the message direct.

It has to be put into an absorbable form through the actual prophets—only the desolate, without any church or mosque, will come to Melchizedek direct, because he is a freelance, like St. George.

He is “the solitary king”.

And his priesthood has never been annulled and will continue to eternity.

I read about Melchizedek two times—but I lost the first website.

The second website I read filled me with loathing and felt evil—I realised I’d visited the wrong site by mistake, mistook it for the real one.

The second website was a conventional American Christian website—and it filled me with hatred, fear, and disgust (it was all about sex, really).

The first website was from the Russian Orthodox Church (I didn’t look at the title pages for either until I realised the mistake).

Hence I hold by my previous statement that there are no followers of Jesus in America, and that Russian Orthodoxy is the true continuation of the message of Jesus (due to its initiatic components, related to Buddhism, and its gnosis).

As stated, I do not claim to be Buddha or Jesus or Muhammad—or Apollo or Horus.

I claim to be what I am, what the signs show me to be—the Horned God, know as Cernunnos to the Celts and Odin to the Nordics and St. George to the English Christians; and as Melchizedek by the Jews, and the Christians as a global Church.

I have come at the end of the cycle, because the AntiChrist is regnant and must be destroyed—for it is Melchizedek who lays the foundations for the city where the Messiah will appear.

And it will be done— *


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