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The beauty of our weapons

So we were delighted by your new anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, but could you just explain to us, please, how if Christianity and Islam help the Jews why these religions persecute the Jews so much? It seems to be a contradiction.

Consider how the Europeans were driven from Africa—the Europeans were driven from Africa by cheap mass-produced sub-machine guns and explosives. An African guerrilla (sic) would drive past a colonial bungalow, spray it with machine-gun fire, and speed off in a 4x4—and perhaps that would leave Pip the spaniel dead and the planter’s daughter wounded in the leg (never to dance at the Nairobi deb ball—for shame).

Just like Kipling’s Afghanistan stories, the young officer with the prolonged and expensive education is felled by a ha’penny bullet—the asymmetric nature of such war means it was not sustainable for Europeans to endure that situation (unless they used SS-style methods, which were precluded to them).

Yet the African couldn’t invent or even manufacture that sub-machine gun himself—it just so happened that he could afford to buy one though (or the Soviets would provide him with one). Spengler said the Europeans would be in trouble when “the coloured world” learned European-style manufacture—and he was right; except they didn’t even have to learn it, all they needed to do was to be able to afford the weapons.

The Europeans are great engineers—they are the Nephilim, those who forge the weapons of war. Whereas the Europeans invent weapons, the Jews invent beliefs. If you want to use the Darwinian jargon, beliefs are the Jewish “extended phenotype”.

These beliefs help the Jews—Christianity, for example, destroyed Roman in-group coherence and led their Empire to fall (even though they conquered the Jews militarily). Later, the fact Europeans venerated Jewish scriptures helped the Jews to influence European societies.

However, it cuts both ways—just like European weapons. Just as the Europeans can invent a machine-gun and have it turned against them, so too the Jews can have their invented beliefs turned against them. What usually happens is that the universal religion of “love” the Jews invented—Christianity, Islam, Marxism—has priests that ask, “Why do the Jews hold themselves aloof from universal love?”.

This can lead to persecution that is carried out by a group that has conferred ethnocentricity similar to the Jews—“We are Zion! We are Zion!” they chant; they are the new Zion, the new chosen, the new elect.

That’s how it can all backfire for the Jews—whereas pagans just see them as another tribe they may or may not be in conflict with, the Abrahamic faiths see the Jews as a metaphysical evil that rejects the Messiah or the “One God’s” Messenger.

In the case of Islam, being even more similar to Judaism than Christianity (circumcision, ban on pork, Jews may pray in mosques), the conflict is more acute than with Christianity—it’s the narcissism of minor differences.

The world does not work in a programmatic way—just as it was obvious that people opposed to Europeans would either copy or acquire European arms and so level the playing field, it is obvious that people would be “infected” with Jewish beliefs but then turn them, with logical consistency, as universal faiths, on the most exclusive ethno-religious group of all. So to ask whether Christianity and Islam “benefitted” the Jews is as if to ask if light arms “benefitted” or hindered the Europeans.

The world does not work in a programmatic way—so it is in this sense Islam and Christianity serve the Jews, just as light arms serve the Europeans; and, in the same way, nobody can handle or construct weapons like a European or universal beliefs like a Jew—though many can adopt either and adapt them to their particular circumstances.


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