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The Beast

I found the Beast—I found the “Old Adversary” that everyone talks so much about. As it turns out, the Old Adversary is just a three-wheeled car for disabled drivers that is so light even a woman can turn it upside down. Was this what we were so afraid of all this time? Is this the creature that has claimed so many souls? Yes—without a doubt, we have found it. Look, it is even painted red—just like the devil it is. I thought I would be afraid when I saw the Beast. That is the great trick the Beast has pulled for centuries. You think he is a seventeen-foot-high half-goat with a pronged fork and the wings of a bat (who breathes fire)—in fact, he is a cheap and ugly little car for the disabled that has been painted red to make it seem more than it is.

Is this why you no longer fear the Devil? Precisely, even I, with slender physique, could turn the Beast over (perhaps even with one hand). Why should I fear this creature? Only on a dark country lane at night, when its strangely arrayed headlights appear in the distance, could you think it is a tri-eyed giant. Is this why they call him “the Deceiver”? Yes—if you see him in his true form, in the day time, the Beast is comical, with his little bear head on the fender to make him seem terrible. Nobody fears him in the day time, the children laugh at him and want to take a picture by him.

Let us not underestimate the Beast; it is because he is so small and quiet that he goes about the world and causes mischief—he tells people to paint themselves red and to pretend to be more than they are. We are surrounded by three-wheeled cars for the disabled that think they are “the Beast”—it is not so. We must laugh at them and turn them over.


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