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The Babylon Bee (a curse)

The AntiChrist isn’t really evil—it promotes evil, sure—but above all it’s corny and counterfeit.

So the AntiChrist can’t do anything real—that includes real violence, real drugs, real pornography.

The AntiChrist can’t even do a real evil act—it can’t even fuck—it’s just false all the way through.

Lukewarm—as I often say, per Dante.

So Coca-Cola is now an AntiChrist drink—because it used to have real cocaine in it, so it used to be a real pick-me-up.

But for decades it has just been fizzy sugar water—it’s not even really bad for you, it’s not like heroin, it’s just somewhat bad for you in a fuzzy sweet way.

So it’s an AntiChrist drink—like Starbucks and McDonald’s, it’s bad for you but it’s not really evil.

There’s just no substance to it.

The Babylon Bee, as I’ve observed before, isn’t funny—people just pretend to find it funny

a ha-ha (false).

The Onion was pretty funny—but The Babylon Bee is like an inversion of The Onion (it doesn’t have any layers).

The Babylon Bee is exactly what it says it is—it is the newspaper of Babylon, of the AntiChrist.

It must be—because it’s corny and unreal.

It’s not biting satire, it’s weak.

But it’s an ironic joke!—they’re saying “guess we’re living in Babylon, ha-ha; and here’s the news from Babylon”.

No—take it literally.

It’s the official newspaper of Babylon—with no substance and no real humour, because it’s contrived and inauthentic.

The above story is directed at me—it’s some magical spell to curse me.

It’s because I’m a skinhead and I said that right-wing political activists shouldn’t smile—so they’ve done something odd, which would technically be described as faulty AI, but is actually a curse upon me, with this image’s smile (it’s not just a serious smile, it’s unnatural in some way).

They have other photos of me where I don’t smile, because I posted a picture of myself as Baron Samedi a few weeks back and that links back to my other names—so they’ve seen my other pictures.

They ran my picture on this site through Google Image search, as I expected, and found my Medium articles that I noticed several years ago someone had archived with malicious glee to the Internet Archive—keen to play the Pharisee, the accuser.

But I have burned my reputation and words are not reality—I saw their plans long ago, and Satan will fall by his own malicious schemes.

Well, as soon as I posted that image, my mother received a series of messages from an AI spambot pretending to be me trying to con her out of money.

This was from some intelligence service—Mossad or the CIA—just to let me know “we have our eyes on you, we can get your relatives any time we want”.

And that links back to this picture, this attempt to curse me, in The Babylon Bee.

They have also messed with the image’s eyes because my eyes contain the red vajra and see clear and true.

The article tries to satirise in-breeding, but there’s nothing wrong with in-breeding—so long as you destroy the monstrosities.

As all dog breeders and horse breeders know, it’s good to breed “true to type”, to in-breed—so long as you kill the monstrosities (of which there will be more than average) you will get a pure and vigorous type.

So I endorse in-breeding, so long as the monstrosities are killed—we do it with dogs and horses, and we can do it with humans too.

Anyway, ask yourself why you link to The Babylon Bee and pretend to like this phoney non-humour.

Because I know you don’t.

Be like Raskolnikov: hack an old woman or two to death with an axe—it may well be your path to salvation, as it was for him.

Don’t waste your life with this corniness.


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