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It’s known that you can cut a leftist down to size by the invitation for them to live their principles out in reality. In the old days, people used to say “go back to Russia then”—it boils down to “practice what you preach”, and today people make acidulous remarks about “the iPhone you’re writing your socialist propaganda on”.

Anarchists are an exception to the rule because anarchists often practice what they preach; they form communes—I knew of one vegan commune where they refused to kill the rats that nibbled on their lentils (inhumane). As expected, life became hard—and only the true believers remained, those who could will themselves to think that to live in a rat-infested squat represented a superior existence to normal life.

You can’t say anarchists don’t do it, though—and that’s why anarchy is an intermediate position; it’s almost the most right-wing position there is; the black flag, chaos is order—synarchy, government by synchronicity; just cut out the red and keep it black.

People who are really interested in an equalitarian life can find it at once in a monastic order, so far as these survive—yet they never do that; ergo, it’s not an equalitarian life that really interests them. Their interest is to stand on a Labour ticket and lead a well-salaried and expenses-paid life as an MP who “champions the people”—examples: George Galloway, AOC.

However, it is a misconception that the problem only applies to the left. It’s about talkers and doers—in life, there are many talkers (masturbators, basically) and few doers; most people want to stroke themselves, not do it. As long ago as the 1920s, Wyndham Lewis observed that Conservatives don’t conserve anything—and Macaulay had said the same about the Conservatives in the 1840s. Why is this so? Because people who “like the idea” of something and people who “do it” are not the same at all. Yet humans are easily gulled.

Conservatives are people who “like the idea” of conserving things. They like to visit castles, walk round in tweed jackets, and huff and puff about how “standards have gone down”—they like to imagine themselves at Victoria’s court and so on. This has nothing to do with conservation or being on the right—and that is why conservatives, speaking to the disposition, never do anything, anymore than the left really has an interest in equalitarian social relations. So conservatives will huff and puff—be manful and Stoic as the left messes things up, too noble to act (they’re a Cavalier at the court of Charles II now)—and do nothing.

It used to be the case when I was young that Conservatives would occasionally go on a rant about single mothers—then to be revealed trousers down with their secretaries or soundly flogged in Mistress Whiplash’s London Dungeon in their favourite football strip. It’s the right-wing equivalent to calling for socialism on your iPhone. Thankfully, society has collapsed so far since then that Conservatives have given up on even the pretence—hence we had Boris Johnson, whose johnson ably made its way across London.

Look, I like mountain-climbing—as an idea. I’ve even read a few books about it and if you talked to me I could give you the impression that I’ve climbed a few mountains; it would be a pretty good yarn—you could really get into it, perhaps I could run a monetised YouTube channel about it with flash adverts for neon-coloured ropes and crampons; and yet it is not about mountain-climbing, it’s about the yarn. Politicians on the left and the right are the same—it’s all a yarn for them; and when a real man turns up, as with Trump, they have hysterics because he’s going to do something and not just talk about it.

It’s the same with religion and philosophy: people gas on about Christ, paganism, esotericism, and Plato—and, above all, God help us, shar-manism; yet it’s almost always the case they’re talking about themselves—almost always. It’s some power play that they’re Christian and you’re not, “you’re bad, I’m good”—or the pagan gods can be used as a cipher for racial nationalism, or if you read Plato you look clever.

Yeah, that’s obvious—we know all that. You say that, and yet I’ve caught you all watching and reading and believing these gassers—these chronic masturbators—in all fields, from politics to religion to science. “Oh we know, no need to remind us.” At last it dawns—the masses are not serious, they just want to watch their “show”; if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.


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Dec 22, 2022

What is your conviction that Trump isn't just a talker too? He comes across as a talker to me, especially with his relation to Twitter before he ended up suspended.

Dec 22, 2022
Replying to

He talks in a real way.

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