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Synchronicity (sick)

A magician once said that when people experience magical events they will feel physically sick—and that has happened to me a few times in recent months.

Most recently, I was in communication with Odin through a social network—he looked like a man who called himself “Oliver Cromwell” and a foul-mouthed Scouse called “the law”.

At first I thought they were connected, but it was just Odin who talked through them to me.

He even said, “Can’t you guess who it is yet?”

And when I thought in an intense way about esoteric matters this image of Sadiq Khan as “Aleister Crowley” has popped up in my feed.

As it happens, all the aggravation over Khan and Yousaf (and Sturgeon and Johnson) is a waste of time.

The Mayor of London, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly—these aren’t real things.

They were just invented to dilute and destroy the old county system—the sacred system.

These bodies have no real power—it’s just parallel government for the left.

When people get aggravated over who “should be” Mayor of London they’re wasting their time.

That’s the puppet show.

There only ever is or should be the Lord Mayor of London—but nobody ever talks about him.

So don’t fall for the puppet show—it just needs to be closed down, so that we only have a real government.

After the “mudra of Prince Louis”, here is the synchronistic “mudra of Prince Charles”—the usha mudra, symbol of sexuality and creativity (aka Charles is just a horrific mess of sausages).


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