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Stars (follow)


Winston Churchill liked to talk about how he had a star that he followed and that his star was due for greatness—the problem is that he said this in a purely figurative way. For him, it was just another allusion—somewhat poetic.

In actuality, we all have our star in the heavens—and we should find it and pray to it (and it will help us). I know my star—it is Alkaid, the final star on the handle of the Big Dipper; it is one of the seven rishis or seers who guide mankind’s development and evolution. It is “Marichi” or “mind-born”.

Of course, Alkaid is also related in Arabic to “al-Qaeda” or “the base”, it means “the leader” in Arabic (the leader of a funeral procession—the base is the leader, from the foundations). Hence the Arab astronomers know it as “destroyer-of-nations”—Alkaid, oh you are so beautiful.

Indeed, it is said “Marichi” is armed with lightning and thunder—a terrible leader, sometimes it is difficult to make man evolve (on the spiritual plane).

Yet I do not know his true name.

In fact, it would be helpful if someone could tell me the Greek or Norse name for Alkaid (not everything is on the Internet, you know—and I have looked hard, harder than I look at the heavens).


To have religion is to know that the night sky is the principial—the unmoved mover. It was the final Eleusinian mystery to have a mystic whisper in your ear, “The god is a black god.” The Godhead is the night sky—that is why black is the colour of wisdom, the colour of what is behind the light (the unmoved mover).

Upon the Godhead’s black robe are spread the diamonds—the gods (your star, too). There oh so many—and not just those detected by physics, if you watch the night sky you will see the other stars manifest (from the other realm, oh from the beautiful astral light—from the city of emerald).


Just as men have stars, so too do nations—so when you become a Christian or a Muslim you hitch your own star to the star of the Jewish nation. You can do that if you want, I will not stop you—unlike the Christians and Muslims I will not burn down your temples for “the one true God”.

Yet I say it is better to follow your own star—and the star of your people. Your star is your destiny, why follow the destiny of the Jewish people? Why hitch it to their wagon? Why not follow your own destiny? Don’t you think that would be an adventure? Indeed, you might find it to be the most remarkable freedom.

There are many wagons in heavens—just think about mine, Ursa Major (or, Charles’s Wain).

Yet I will not compel—it is the followers of Abraham who compel (“Follow us or we kill you”, “Follow us or you go to hell” etc and etc).

I just say it will be better to follow your own star—discover your own destiny.

Your destiny is your destination, your fate is what gets in the way as you pursue it—fallen trees are fate, if the trunk blocks the path.

Yes—I am Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations.

What nation do you think I have been sent to destroy?


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Aug 07, 2023

Sorry, clouds over the Shenandoah this weekend. Next time.

Aug 07, 2023
Replying to

By the way, Shenandoah means "Daughter of the Stars."


Aug 06, 2023

Hopefully not Europe, like so many others. It would be interesting to see you do a further breakdown on stars, which to avoid, which to seek, for someone's orientation


Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
Aug 06, 2023

Canada, I hope.

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