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Over a decade ago, I exchanged a few emails with Kate Starbird.

I thought “that’s an odd name”—I didn’t realise he was trans.

I worked in disaster research at the time, and my project was to create an aggregator for social media feeds so that an emergency control room could have all the information on a map during a disaster.

It was there I learned some interesting facts about how Litvinenko was poisoned and what happened afterwards that wasn’t discussed.

Starbird researched how people used Twitter during the Red River floods—later it seems he ended up at Twitter as a censor.

His real name is Jevin West—and he seems quite serious, although he also pulls phoney smiles from time to time.

Here’s my interpretation as regards this synchronicity: the West is really a Starbird but it has been trapped in technology—this man would be a hermaphrodite like me, but he is trapped in material technology and has become a literal hermaphrodite instead.

He was also born at West Point—so he’s West West, you can’t get more West than Starbird.

He symbolises the way the West is trapped in technology.

He really wants to find the star within—so he called himself “Starbird”, but that’s not how you do it.

So it’s an obvious synchronicity, given my interest in the stars and birds, especially Peregrine Falcons—and he’s married to Ms. Marsh (or is that Mr?), if you know what I mean.


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