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Spirit > matter

Millennial Woes says: “If you are not backed by power, all the laws and all the money will not save you against those who are.”

This is influence from Yarvin and Thiel and that whole “neo-Machiavellian” crew, men who are themselves influenced by James Burnham, a former Communist, who thought that the way to fight Communism was with the same ruthless methods as the Communists.

Yet when East Germany fell it had about 170k informers and an elaborate security service—on paper, it had a large army and a ruthless secret apparatus.

It had total power and financial support.

And yet it crumbled before peaceful protest.

That happened because spirit is greater than matter—it’s irrelevant how many secret agents or elite soldiers you have if they’ve lost the will to resist, if they don’t believe in the system anymore and so refuse to shoot anyone.

The will to resist exists in aggregate, but the actions of one man can be decisive—if there had been one East German official who said, “Shoot the counter-revolutionaries!” and said so in a decisive way then the Berlin Wall would still be up.

But nobody believed in the system anymore, not in their hearts—so it just collapsed.

You can have all the bugs, spies, and walls you want—but your system can vanish overnight.

That’s why the individual is still decisive—because one man with will and spirit can change the world, can change the whole direction of history.

It’s only scientific thought that considers the world as generalities—science looks at the general trend, not the outlier.

It looks at tanks, spies, and guns—it looks at who gives the orders and how they do it.

It doesn’t talk about why.

CG Jung observed that science doesn’t care about the outlier—and yet it’s the outlier, whether Napoleon or Muhammad, who makes history.

Because most people are not individuals, most people are not moved by the spirit.

But all the tanks, guns, spies, money, and media in the world cannot stop the spirit.

These cannot stop the Mahdi, the voice from the outer dark, the one who comes.

Don’t become like the Communists—you cannot beat them, as Burnham and Yarvin think, by being like them.

Don’t be like Nixon—don’t do Watergate because the Democrats always cheat and now you will too.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

In his essay, Woes quotes a Stephen King film, quotes the idea that power is energy.

That is scientific thought—science sees the world as energy to be captured in formulas, and that’s how Nietzsche saw it too.

But the world derives from spirit, not from quantified energy.

This is why spirit will always win—because spirit is immortal.


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