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Sometimes the Christians become angry with me, because I am so against their Churches.

Sometimes the pagans are angry with me because I will identify myself with a Semitic figure like Melchizedek.

What I say is objective—it is not that I have a choice to “be a good Christian” or to “worship the gods of my ancestors”.

I aim to be truthful and to crush hypocrisy within myself.

Your vanity does not interest me—whether the vanity of your Churches or the vanity of your race.

I had a vision of Christ crucified while I was surrounded by Orthodox Jewish children on a train—then, that night, I saw supernatural entities.

This is a message from a higher realm that the Jews must accept Jesus.

It is not a belief—it is not that I believe in Christianity, or that I believe in paganism.

The entities appeared to me at an ancient pagan initiatic site.

“So the pagan gods want the Jews to accept Jesus?”

Yes—that is the message.

It is also an objective fact that I am the Horned God—I am a manifestation of a higher force, a higher state of being.

That force is called Cerunnus by the Celts and Odin by the Nordics and al-Khidr by the Arabs and Melchizedek by the Jews and the Christians.

The same force has other names—it has names in Japan and India too.

Just as the Hindus speak of Kalki as he returns on a white horse, and the Christians took that from them and say that is how Jesus will return—in truth, both refer to a comet that will arrive soon.

“You speak of a Messiah to come that you build a city for, is that Jesus then? So Muhammad is a false prophet then?”.

For the one who comes—it is not yet revealed to me his nature, but perhaps he will seem like Jesus to Christians and like Muhammad to Muslims.

Perhaps, after several catastrophes, I will have to initiate him.

These disputes about “be a Christian”, “be a pagan”—these are vanity.

I am only silent and watch for the signs.


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