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It’s very simple: the United States has a program called “DEI” (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion). It’s mandated by the state, mandated in the wider West too—it’s aimed at women, blacks, homosexuals, Jews, and so on.

“DEI” means “God” in Latin.

This system extols everything that religions around the world have traditionally seen as negative.

The United States has established, by law, an inverted attack on the divine. To invert is Satanic, from the Devil—hence America is Satanic, as encoded in her very laws.

It’s not complex, it’s very simple.

Yet people will not see it. They will say, instead, “DEI should die”—ironically, as they oppose it, calling for God to be killed.

What they will not say, because they are modern, because they are bewitched, is that this is an inversion and an insult to the divine. They are too clever for that—too clever to name the false God.

But as Clausewitz said, nothing is more difficult than simplicity.


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