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This is a leftist meme. You can tell because it features a black man in a positive position, but also because it’s quite wordy (it also uses black slang)—a meme is really just an image, perhaps with one word on it. The formula: more talk = feminine = manipulation through non-verbal cues. Women talk a lot because “the medium is the message”—it’s not what they say, it’s the persistent rhythm that enchants you; as Hazlitt once observed, women cannot be said to reason wrong because they do not reason at all.

This meme is a deception, because it’s mainly verbal. What it deceives you about is that to be “cancelled” today isn’t the same as being forced to leave a village thousands of years ago—it is exactly the same thing. It’s only if you are a regime loyalist, sure you will never be cancelled, that you can think otherwise—because you’re smug and safe.

If you’re like Farage and you’ve had your bank accounts cancelled, or if you’ve been smeared as “racist” or “sexist”, how are you going to live a middle-class life in modern society? How would you even get an minimum wage job when, in those cases, most of your colleagues will be non-white? Do you think they’d employ a “known racist” (you’re a threat to your colleagues)? You might not literally starve to death or have to fight with lions on the savannah but it’s the modern equivalent.

It’s based on an inability to think about the functional similarity—an inability that characterises the left because it only thinks about appearance (as with women). So you’re not literally thrown out into the wilderness if you’re cancelled today, but it’s the same in functional terms—you will be a pariah dog.

The meme also has some relation to when women say “man up”. What it’s saying is “stop being a big baby, just get on with it—nothing bad is happening to you, stop moaning”. It’s slave morality, really. “I would prefer not to be a slave.” “Just get on with it, just have a family and make lots of money—just man up. There’s nothing wrong—it’s better than ever, your life is so much better than a medieval peasant. Just get on with it.”

It’s based on the fact it’s not masculine to complain—and it reads any criticism or dissent as a complaint. “Stop moaning like a woman!” “But they’re literally carrying out our racial extermination!” “Man up! Get on with it!”. And so on and so forth…


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