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This is a terrible video; actually, it is a Satanic video—a video that conceals. The problem is that Peterson is a modernist and a progressive; he is not on the right—he is not righteous. His base assumption is that there are no prior divisions that cause differences in man—in other words, we are all equal. In this case, just like a typical Enlightenment modern, he thinks that the dispute between the Shiites and Sunnis can somehow be resolved if they just had a chat—became, rather anachronistically, “pen pals” (people do not write letters anymore). Anyway, this is a childish and arrogant statement; very conceited. What does he even know about the Shiite-Sunni struggle? So far as I can tell, nothing. It is a struggle that has a tribal and a racial component (the Aryan Persians and the Arab Semites)—and, above all, it goes right down to a base issue in Islam about religious truth.

For Peterson, being a modern progressive liberal, religion is “not real”; it is something that some weird men with beards came up with thousands of years ago (just like in Monty Python—so funny!) and, for some strange reason, people continue to believe it today and—how bizarre—will even kill each other over it. What they need to do is sit down and have a chat and then they would realise that actually we are all the same really—if only we could get rid of that silly superstition. What does Peterson really worship? The answer is in what he proposes the Arabs do (though they lack the intelligence to do so): build an Internet platform to facilitate “communication” between the two sects. In other words, “technology will save us”—apart from himself, Peterson also worships technology.

Peterson seems to have imbibed too much Quincy, M.E.—a “social issues” drama from the ’70s where all societal problems are due to the fact that nobody knows each other; if only we could form a multi-racial, multi-religious neighbourhood basketball team down in the ghetto, if only we could “get together” then all our problems would melt away. The idea, the ’68 social worker worldview, being that there is only enmity between Shiite and Sunni, Israeli and Palestinian, Orangeman and Catholic, Russian and Ukrainian (etc & etc and so on ad infinitum) because people have never met each other and so have formed “irrational” hatreds of each other.

Contrary to this kumbayah round the campfire worldview, these differences exist because people know each other all too well. So the Shiites and Sunnis know each other—they talk, boy do they talk. The Israelis and the Palestinians know each other—boy do they know each other; and that is why, when I walked round Amman—Jordan being mostly Palestinian—and turned the book carousel at a newsstand the book selection went Treasure Island, Pride and Prejudice, Mein Kampf…

“But if only an Arab met a Jew and had a chat…” Look, this is condescension: Jews and Arabs interact all the time, only someone who knows nothing about what he is talking about would suggest otherwise—only someone who lives in utterly protected, well, Canada could think the problems in the Middle East are down to the fact different people never talk. Peterson disdains postmodernism, but in fact he lives in postmodern multicultural Starbucks fantasy land—a land where there are only “technical issues” with the frappuccino machine to be sorted out, and obese consumers to lug around Disneyland.

It is as if you heard your friend’s father had fallen out with his brother and you had the audacity to pop over with next to no knowledge of the family to say: “In the end, couldn’t we all just have a nice chat and some biccies and a pot of tea? Life is short, let’s just enjoy things and be nice and kind to each other.” What family works like that in reality (psychologists should know)?

In reality, the feud stems from the time the older brother broke the younger brother’s favourite toy when he was seven—and yet he is not the bad guy exactly, since you have to look at how the mother…Anyway, you know what I mean—you know what a family feud is, you know how families are. You know that you cannot just stick your oar in with some sickly sentimental homily and seriously think it will all be okey-dokey. Well, Israel-Palestine is just like the brother feud on a big scale—just like Cain and Abel, a story Peterson has extensively academically unpacked (and learned nothing from).

Look, I sometimes make critical remarks about Jewish influence in America and Europe. “But if only you’d meet a Jew you’d get on so well…” Newsflash * Newsflash I lived with Jews, in Jerusalem—oh, yes. Sorry to sound like the quintessential rayciss, but I got nothin’ against ‘em personally; fine people, some of ‘em. However, this does not change the fact that they are a distinct racial-religious group with their own history, ethos, and take on reality—and their interests often diverge from European interests.

For example, I have been around Jews who voted for and supported Obama (weakens the West), while in Israel they voted for the most nutcase far-right party that wants to deport all Palestinians from the Occupied Territories—if not kill them all (and, in fact, in private…). Well, gee—kinda hypocritical. Indeed, as Jesus might have observed. Anyway, they look after their interests, weaken white culturally Christian civilisation abroad and strengthen ethnocentric Jewish civilisation at home—and the way they do so weakens my position as a European, since Obama is anti-European. Nothing personal.

However, I am not about to push a Jewish grandmother into the gutter like some Hollywood skinhead or demean a Pakistani waiter (even though he does not belong in Britain)—nor do the ills of the West lie with the Jews or the Muslims, rather they lie with weak and dishonest men like Peterson who permit the West to be taken for a ride.

Conditions in the Palestinian camps are pretty bad, I have walked through the security fences—the necessary overhead barriers to deflect the trash that the Jewish settlers throw on Palestinians every day. Really, the Palestinians live in giant concentration camps, rather like the Warsaw ghetto; no, Israel is not exterminatory—although some Israeli politicians are, and they are not shunned or marginalised.

The SS would have said: “The Jews were overrepresented in Bolshevik terror organisations that sought to overthrow the Reich and institute a system like the USSR where Aryan Christian civilisation was totally destroyed; we have confined these potential terrorists for the safety of the Reich during the ongoing hostilities.” If you go talk to the IDF press office, they will give you the equivalent line about “genocidal Muslims in precautionary detention”—except, in my experience, they also want to sell you a story about how the IDF uses solar panels and other green technologies; then again, the Reich was pretty keen on green technology too.

To make the above comparison, by the way, is considered anti-semitism itself, per the official definition—reality has been banned, and banned by important organisations staffed by people who have PhDs; Pharisees, in other words—another group Jesus had little time for. However, we should not fall into a trap where we feel sorry for the Arabs. I know I like TE Lawrence and so the temptation to liberate the bedsheets from the airing cupboard and flounce round the house swathed in white is all too strong. *Stares with piercing blue-eyed gaze into your eyes*: “The railway, Ali. The railway. The dream! The dream!”.

However, the Arabs are as bad as the Jews when it comes to pitiful manipulation—and equally just want to inveigle the white man to use his awesome technological arsenal to blot out their tribal enemies. The Jews are better at this, hence we had the utterly pointless Iraq War—but the Arabs would do just the same if they could. “Pleaaasssseee, mistah—you drop atom bomb on Jews, yes? My babys he hunger. He have the Aids.” “Get away from me, you repulsive little man.”

Peterson is disturbed by the transgender issue, and yet his current stance leads to it. Once you have stripped out all priors, as Peterson has, you are not left with very much—he lives without nation, history, race, tribe, family, and spiritual reality; and he does so because, you see, these ideas might lead to someone being killed, and that is the worst thing imaginable—for Peterson is Nietzsche’s last man, he thinks all he has is his life and his material pleasures; and so anything that could cause him or other people to lose their life, the only thing worth anything, must be terrible—hence modernity abolished the death penalty, too terrible to contemplate in a secular age; for the sanction even to exist reminds the lawful man he will one day die—it must be pushed away.

This is why Peterson does not see why Sunnis and Shiites cannot just “get along”, for him spirituality is not real—it is just some made up thing, so why bother with it anyway? Jesus, why die over it? Are you mad? This is a shame, since it is real; and when Peterson had his illness in Russia that was a knock at the door—someone issued an invitation for him to wake up, a quasi-shamanic invitation. Yet he ignored the call. Will the offer be made again? Perhaps. The road is always there. Yet you can knock on a deaf man’s door forever…

Once you have stripped out all these “dangerous ideas”—totally normal ideas for almost all of man’s history—then you are left with the individual…except, the individual is rather hierarchical and exclusive too. If you think about it, your existence as an autonomous subject is rather inegalitarian—rather dangerous, it leads to competitive ideas as regards self-betterment; and competitive ideas lead to Auschwitz.

Hence we need to do away with the individual—and why not? Why not just change your sex? There is no such thing as nation, race, history, or family—so why not no such thing as sex, no such thing as the individual itself? To abolish sex—to abolish the individual—just marks the project’s completion: the last superstitious and irrational holdovers have been destroyed—thank goodness, we no longer risk Auschwitz. We can just sit in the transgender polycule with a vibrator stuck up our pseudo-vagina 24/7, cannabis vape in hand, and Netflix open to an appropriate series to snark at.


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