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Revolution (how-to)

The slogan “It’s Okay to Be White” will not cause a revolution—that’s what the people who use it think it will do.

But it never will.

The implicit invitation in the slogan is for people to stand around and say “yes, it’s ridiculous, isn’t it?” “yeah, it’s totally ridiculous to arrest someone for saying that.” “but what can you do?” “it’s the system, isn’t it?”.

Revolutions don’t happen because the system is ridiculous or because people moan about it—when people complain like that, say “it’s ridiculous”, they’re actually reconciled to it.

They’re playing the psychological game of “crazy world—but what can you do, eh?”.

People play that game in many scenarios, but they’re not going to cause a revolution.

Here is how revolutions happen:

(1) When people have had something taken from them—when people have had something taken from them they are angry and take action, if they never had it in the first place they will be passive.

Hence in Tsarist Russia, conditions had improved before the revolution—people were freer and richer—but just before and during WWI conditions fell back and people felt they’d lost something.

(2) People will put up with murder, torture, imprisonment, starvation, and prolonged war—but they will not put up with the petty insult.

You stand for three hours in a bread queue in St. Petersburg, but when you reach the counter the official says that your coupon is stamped just outside the box—you have to go back to the start and get it stamped again, then queue for another three hours.

These events spark revolutions—not the official story, not the propaganda about oppression and liberty and freedom of speech.

Man is actuated by self-respect—by thymos, to use the Greek—and he will put up with a lot but he will not put up with the petty insult to his self-respect.

This might seem counter-intuitive, but a man will tolerate the death of his son but will overthrow the same government for a petty insult.

The petty insult itself often reflects weakness and poor management—shows the system is rotten.

It’s synonymous with tyranny because tyranny is characterised by illogical and capricious rules which create minor insults to a person’s dignity.

It’s why the American Revolution was sparked by tea duty—not by Redcoats beating up colonials, or “Enlightenment values”.

And the East German revolution was caused by a lack of exit visas—the petty and capricious way these were perceived to be doled out.

Revolutions don’t happen for all the reasons propagandists and intellectuals say—they’re not about grand ideas, about race or socialism, they’re about anger over loss and, above all, petty insults to a man’s self-respect.

It’s the same with Hitler’s revolution—the main cause was that the Treaty of Versailles was an insult to German dignity, it was petty and vindictive.

It wasn’t even about the money, it was about the demand for total German responsibility and the niggling impositions.

And, of course, the German middle class had lost everything in the hyperinflation—so they were angry.

Men rebel due to relative deprivation—leftist sociologists think that’s about economics, but politics is really about self-respect.

So men who feel that they suffer from relative deprivation as regards respect rebel.

This is why the West currently has a problem with “right-wing extremism” among “young white men”.

The Western belief system has attempted to “redistribute” cultural power—by, for example, removing white men from adverts and always depicting them as villains in films.

In older men, this creates anger—because they’ve lost something.

In younger men, this creates a sense of relative deprivation—since you can’t, for example, play a straight white hero in a video game.

The petty insult actuates people to revolt more than murder, torture, or poverty.

The system persists in petty insults towards European men that increase their relative cultural deprivation.

So what would cause a revolution from the right would be to highlight (a) what has been lost—homogenous societies; and (b) the petty and constant insults that increase relative cultural deprivation among young European men.


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