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Respect (II)

Putin is worried that his people have been humiliated. At the same time, people who support Ukraine are desperate to humiliate Putin (and Trump—which is what all the mugshots are about). To humiliate someone means, in literal terms, “to push them to the earth”—into the humus, the dark soil. You could imagine a boot that sinks your face into the dark ooze—humiliation.

The concern with “humiliation” and its concomitant “respect” reflects degeneration in our society—our society is feminised, so it works on appearances. You see people, people from the underclass, on the street and you can feel their extended persona—they bristle at everything, because for them everything is about “respect”. “Are you looking at me, are you looking at me?”. It’s because they’re more impulsive and emotional, like women—or Italians.

Just like the black kids used to say, it’s all about “respecc”—“Are you dissin me? Why you lookin at me, bruv?”. It goes along with the sulky passive-aggressive society we live in, where the server calls you “boss”. “But I’m not your boss, I’m the customer—and you call me that because you resent serving me, because it’s beneath your self-respect to take this job but you took it anyway, so now you’ll sulk with me.” See also: “brother”, “bruv”, and “mate” (the former reflects the Islamisation of society, for in Islam, a metaphysical form of communism, we are all “comrades”—all “brothers”).

So, like a black gangsta, Putin is worried about respecc—and people in America want to disrespecc Trump. “Take him down a peg”—because you live in a status competition and are obsessed about whether you are up or down in it, and whether you can take people up or down a peg (by any means necessary).

So people gloat about Russell Brand’s fall (even people nominally on his “side”)—even though it was completely predictable, and I had long-suspected something like that would happen (because famous men have women throw themselves at them and, especially when young, they indulge—and they throw some of these women away like Kleenex and that comes back to bite them in the end, when they decide it was “rape” 23 years later).

And that is especially so if the celebrity has become involved in politics and someone decides to “get” them—because men have two reliable weaknesses, women and money. They either want these assets, so you can give both (either) to them to control them—or they acquired either in questionable ways, or ways that can be seen as questionable, and you can tar them with a little research and appropriate “tarting up” as regards how they “got the goods”.

In the sense that you should be polite, show deference and be cordial to other people—not injure their sense of self-value without cause—you should value respect. But that’s different to a totally primitive “honour society” or “respect” society that we’ve moved towards now—being a hyper-sensitive narcissistic democracy. Genuine respect, in this sense, is about respect for an individual’s dignity, not some collective status competition.

I’d add that this is all based on an illusion: words aren’t reality—these words on a screen are not reality (but people treat them as such); social status isn’t reality; and even actions aren’t reality—reality is *

But you are in love with an illusion.


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